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Euka first semester update

Now that, says Euka, was a play session! 

You must really be mad at that little yellow dog, says Bodine. The benevolent ruler of Sword House strolls into the kitchen while I’m putting some sandwiches together.

Ooh, is that roast beef? he asks.

Ack! Get off the counter, Bodine! I say. Take those litter box feet of yours back to the floor. And what? I must be mad at who?

The cat makes a clear, and rather impressive, leap over to the dinette table. He lifts a hind leg and gets down to personal hygiene business.

Let  me know when you’re done on the counter, willya, says
Bodine. I have some important business to tend to. 

I’m talking about that little yellow dog, says Bodine. He’s speaking slowly so I can understand this time. You took her outside hours ago and never brought her back in.

What are you talking about, cat o’mine? I say. The puppy is right here. See? Holly’s on the dog bed in a Down Stay. Right, Holly? Good girl, you. 

Not that tail biter, says Bodine. The other one. Wow, you really don’t remember, do you? Maybe you should start writing this stuff down. 

Wait, I say. Are you talking about Euka? Bodine, you dip, we turned Euka back over to CCI for her Advanced Training. It’s been over two months ago. 

You don’t say, says Bodine. He waves a dismissive paw in the air. Well – a few hours, a few months – it’s all the same around here. If it’s not one dog, it’s another.

He shifts his cleaning efforts to his other cheek. Huh. So you’re telling me, says the cat. That we’ve swapped out yet another yellow dog? Can’t we just install a revolving door or something to speed up the process? Hey, you know what? I’m not even going to bother to learn their names anymore.

Right. Why start now? I say. Anyhow, I’m sure you’ll be glad to hear that Euka is doing well in the Advanced Training program. 

Oh, indeed, says Bodine. Here, look. This is my Glad face. He goes back to his cleaning efforts.

Ok, smarty cat, but she is, I say. Her first semester report card came in and we’re really proud of her. Her trainer says Euka’s taking on the new commands quite nicely.

Ok, I’ll bite, says Bodine. Like what?

Well, it’s nice you care enough to ask, I say. That’s sweet of you to … can you not lick that area in front of me, please? Thanks, dude. So the monthly report card is split into sections. The first part shows the training in progress.

She’s building on the commands she learned with us, I continue. Her trainer will work her on the basic commands from a wheelchair, so a Heel looks different to her now. And retrieve is an enhanced command now, too. Euka will learn to Hold an object for a length of time.  

The Push command is totally new to Euka. She’ll respond to Push to close drawers or doors. Ok, imagine this Bodine … an assistance dog learns how to open a refrigerator door, retrieve a can of soda for her handler, then closes the door with a nose push.  

Gotcha. Imagining that, Bodine yawns.

And a reminder why we’re not talking about assistance cats, I say.  Anyway, here’s the best part. The second section of the report card is for positive behaviors. And Euka’s trainer has checked off every one of them. 

Are you sure you have the right report? asks Bodine. Just sayin’.

Miss Euka, star pupil

You know, it’s funny you would mention that, I say. These first semester reports usually have something that is a head scratcher for a puppy raiser. The dogs tend to show something brand new that they didn’t do with us. After all, it’s a wholly different environment and handler. Of course, we should expect to see some different behavior as well. 

So, you’re surprised that she’s doing so good, huh?, says Bodine. Yeah, I can see that. Yep. If memory serves …

Actually, Bodine, truth be told, I have to admit that our Miss Euka is holding her own in Advanced Training is nothing less than what I expected out of our girl, I say.  What has me surprised is the third section of the report card.

Which is what exactly? says Bodine.  She’s learning how to make sushi? Understands how to use the DVR remote? Got her black belt in Dog Yoga? Tell me, what amazing feat has the golden child accomplished that has you so gobsmacked?

Well, I say. Again, you need to keep in mind that she’s in a new environment. 

Ok, so she’s not an architectural engineer, says Bodine. Got that. So what?

Euka showed a fear response in her behavioral assessment, I say.  Not so much that the trainer is overly concerned. Really, she said she wasn’t sure if it even needed mentioning. Just something to note and watch.

That dog, The Euka, was afraid of something? says Bodine. You have to ask for the right report. You know something got boogered here, paperwork-wise, don’t you?

From the start, Bodine and Euka had
an … interesting … relationship.

I know, it’s weird, right? I say.  Here’s the thing. It was early on and could be simply due to the lifestyle change. If I know that polar bear like I think I do, she’ll shake it off and carry on.  

Which makes sense, says Bodine. So, when’s the next report?

Later this week, I say. It’ll be the second one we get. Then if all goes as planned, we’ll see another four monthly reports after this and before her Advanced Training is completed. Keep your paws crossed for good news.

I’ll be sure to do that, says Bodine. In my spare time. In the meanwhile, Food Lady, you might be interested in this little news flash. 

Oh really? I say. Is the cleaning ritual finally finished? All attention is now back to you, my benevolent ruler. How may I serve you?

Oh, it’s not me, says Bodine, smugly. It’s about the spotted dog.  How long ago was it that you let the Jager outside?

Holy cow! I say. I forgot! Jager! Here! Cookie!

Hey, it’s not like I should tell you your business or anything, says Bodine. But you do really need to start writing this stuff down. I think this might be a two cookie day for the Jagerhund. 

Um. Hello?

Wordless Wednesday: I druther a head butt

If I had my druthers, Bodine, says Micron. I druther you doing a head butt than you being a … well, you know.

I just happened to have the camera in hand to capture this tender moment between Micron and the Benevolent Overlord of Sword House.

For a good reason.

Hahaha, not really. No good about it. Just that I had put Micron’s backpack on the cat while straightening up a pile of dog gear.  And Bodine rocked the look so well, I thought I’d snap a shot of him.

When I came back in the kitchen with the Canon, the two of them were all about this bromance thing.

The cat didn’t see me coming. How could he with his eyes rolled back in his head like that? But once the sound of the shutter echoed in the kitchen, we got this.

And there ya go. All is as it should be.


Wordless Wednesday: Cat Chatter

The cat is chattering at the birds outside.

Hey, batta batta, chatters Bodine.  Sa-wing batta!

Or something like that.

Ok, I guess it’s more like the ah-ah-ah-ah of a feline tommy gun. Get it? Tommy gun? Tom cat? hahahhaha.

Oh nevermind.

But you understand what I’m on about, right?  I mean, if you’ve ever heard an inside cat talking smack to the song birds outside the window, you know they do emit some kind of chattery clicking sound.

And I wonder how persuasive such chatter would be in the wilds of the backyard.

Cat: Hey. You.
Sparrow:  [looks around] Who me?
Cat: Yeah, you buddy. C’mon over here. I wanna talk wif you for a minnit.
Sparrow: Oh, I don’t think I’m supposed to talk to you. Ma said not to listen to, well, you know.  Cats like you.
Cat: I’m gonna pretend that doesn’t hurt me right here. [taps a paw to his chest]. Naw, it’s ok. I got an extra daddy long-legs, see, and it’s too much for me to eat. Come closer and I’ll show it to you.
Sparrow: You do? That’s so nice of you. Is it really fresh? Cuz I like ’em to still be squirmy a little. Yeah? Well, ok …

Bodine!, I yell. Leave that nice little bird alone and come in the kitchen. It’s time for your meds.

Oh for … , says Bodine.  Food Lady, you’re blowing my street cred here. 

He gives one last, long look at the tiny bird before jumping down from the windowsill.

Tomorrow, says Bodine.




 Just a note that Bodine is a one hunnerd percent indoor cat. It’s for his protection, of course.

And for the preservation of the song bird population in our neighborhood. Doing our part to extend those avian lifespans.

Wish the neighbors held the same philosophy.

The Good Stuff Jar Project

The 2013 Good “Stuff” Jar.
Censored for sensitive readers.*
You know who you are.

Food Lady! Micron yells from the kitchen. Bodine has his litter box feet on the counter again! 

[random scurrying sounds] And he’s taking a bite out of every apple in the fruit bowl!, he says.

Ok, I say. Thanks, buddy.

Who does that anyway? says Micron. Every apple? Like the next one will taste different?

Don’t worry about it, Mikey, I say. I’ll take care of it in a minute.

Hey, that’s a sign of insanity, right? Micron says, walking into the family room. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting …hey, are you ok, Food Lady? You haven’t hollered at the cat even once today.

Yeah, I’m good. I say to my card carryin’ certified pet therapy dog.

Micron jumps onto the sofa to snuggle and I stroke his noggin until he closes his eyes.

I’m just getting a little melancholy. I say.

Micron’s eyes pop back open and he looks at me with brows furrowed into worry lines. You’re getting a what? Nuh uh. Is that really a good idea, Food Lady? he asks. I mean, don’t you always tell people that you’re just four paws away from being an animal hoarder? Even a little dog needs a lot of attention and chew bones and they still poop a lot and stuff. 

Well, you know how moody I get around the holiday season, I say.  And …what? Little dog? Oh, I get it. A little Melon Collie. [eye roll] That’s an old joke, my love.

I wasn’t joking, says Micron, closing his eyes again. So anyway isn’t it time to open the Good “Stuff” Jar? That might cheer you up a little. 
Micron, you sweet thing, I say. You’re smarter than I look. That’s a stellar idea and I’m glad you reminded me of it.

Read my lips, says Micron.
 No more puppies!

My sensitive dog remembers that I started the Good “Stuff” Jar at the end of last year while immersed in my annual post-holiday funkitude.  And it’s a lofty goal, this project. What with keeping up with the burden of writing down the occasional happy events that we encounter throughout our days. That, and the challenge of remembering to do it.

It’s oh too easy to plod along our daily paths and never give another thought to the bright moments once their shine has faded. And next thing you know, you’re going about with heavy sighs and enigmatic lamentations of cantaloupes and Lassies.

So this year on December 31 we’ll open the Good “Stuff” Jar in celebration of a year well spent. I imagine a bright ray of light to escape the mouth of this former sauerkraut jar. Perhaps some angelic singing as we lefty loosie the lid of the thing. Yeah, I know, I know. Best not to set the bar too high lest we face the disappointment of reality mingled with vague sauerkraut fumes. But really, at the very least, I think there’s a smile or two awaiting us in there.

I’m counting on it, actually.

And with the end of year looming on the horizon of our Gregorian calendar, this seems a fine time to take a look back at our last few months of dog inspired adventures here on Raising a Super Dog.

This post aglow before you is the final of 2013. I’ve challenged myself with a minimum of two posts weekly, with Story Sunday and Wordless Wednesday being the feature stories. Although sorely tempted to slack off, I can stand (yeah, I’m sitting) before you and say that I never wavered even once.  I totally met this goal and then took it out for drinks.  I’m jazzed to tell you that we slapped out a full 110 blog posts intended for your entertainment.

And I’ve enjoyed sharing every story and photo with you, my faithful readers and fans of all things Dog. Thanks for hanging with us on our life’s journey with our canine heartmates Euka, Micron and Jager.  Y’all are great.

I spent some time going through our dog adventures this morning, which turned out to be a mood lifter for my weary soul. The Blog Archive in the panel to your right will take you through each story month by month. I invite you to lose yourself there for a while, should you find yourself wanting to wax nostalgic for the dogs’ derring-do of yore. But as ain’t nobody got time for that, allow me to throw you a bone, so to speak, and I’ll highlight my personal favorites of 2013.

Donna’s Top 20 of 2013

Euka II

Um, Food Lady? Don’t look
behind you.
(Micron is playing yellow
submarine in a mud bank. True story)

We started things off in January with our New Year Goals for Miss Euka.  At a three months old, we had a lot on our plate to get this little girl ready for her Advanced Training at Canine Companions for Independence.  And we’re almost there, people. Less than five months to go now, can you believe it?

After starting life as a celebrity, being on the Eukanuba livestream for her first eight weeks of life, Euka uses her star status to rub hocks with other well known folk.  We had the pleasure of meeting Temple Grandin and author Jenny Lawson (The Bloggess).  Photo ops included, of course. So we got proof that I didn’t just make this stuff up.

The extraordinary E litter celebrated their first birthday in September. We got the Ohio E’s back together for a photo shoot.  Cute, cute, cute. And cute.  There’s four of them, you know.

Aaargh, this puppy! Not the best of timing, yet a true adventure trying to get a Halloween photo of this puppy before she went off to The Spa at CCI. It’s a Then this happened kinda story.

The Mighty Micron

In Pet-it Jury Trial Micron serves as judge and jury. And witness, counsel and defendant, too. But not well. Something about jack of all trades but master of none.

They’re all guilty. Don’t ask.

I’m thwarted in a yet another warm and fuzzy photo session with the mighty Micron at That ain’t chocolate. Never turn your back on a water dog.

Micron masters the art of being a literacy tutor at Tutelage in relaxation and Time flies at the library.  He also falls in love with a pair of boots, so there’s that.

Not to be outdone by Euka’s infamy, Micron stars in his own short Indie film of Mutiny of the Bounty.  That title is not a typo. The paper towels fought back.

We ran Micron through a series of canine cognition games with Dognition. Prior to each session, I tried to guess his results. That didn’t work out well for me. His three stories are Hereand Here, and final profile results are Here.  Spoiler alert: the goober dog is more clever than I gave him credit for. Again, don’t turn your back on him.

What is this word fixation? And why are you looking at me and not Micron? A special project was in the works at Fishin’ balm.  And it’s not lowering my standards, people. It’s dialing down to realistic goals, that’s all.


I’m kinda of a big deal.

We give Jager his moment in the spotlight with Master of the Hunt Part I and Part II. I’d intended to stir up some intrigue with an unsolved mystery in Part I, but really it’s more just a curiosity of the style of an itch that can’t be scratched.

More profound thoughts from our little knobby headed friend is found at Jager’s dog nose wisdom.

Volunteer Puppy Raising

Five things I stopped doing was a popular post of the past and so was put out as a rerun in May. This takes you into the life of a volunteer puppy raiser just a bit.

Then for a slightly darker look, we gotcha some cautionary tales on Not all sunshine and rainbows.  Poop walking is involved here.

And the random stuff

Let the wookiee win.

I won a new dog in a raffle! Kind of. Well, I won it.  But it’s not really a dog. She just looks like one. Pretty much, anyway. Introducing Cap’n Windy on Raffle me this.  Pfft to the naysayers. Everybody was just jealous of my good fortune.

This one just makes me laugh. It’s the last photo in the post that gets you, actually. You may not see it coming at Pareidolia has landed.

Wait … is that twenty one? Gads, I’m not good with numbers. I’ve counted three or four times and come up with a different number of links each time. See, I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve tallied these up.

But no matter. I hope you find something enjoyable on the ride.

Any other favorites from you all? Please do let me know. Feedback is the fuel that keeps a blogger’s life blood pumping, after all.

All of us at Raising a Super Dog wish you and yours a blessed, fortuitous and Happy New Year.  One that is filled with adventures and stories to share. So glad you’re hanging out with us for ours.

*The Good Shit Jar. Because good shit happens too, you know.  Easy to make your own for this upcoming year.  You need an empty jar, some scraps of paper and a pen well secured so nobody walks off with the damned thing again. Depressive state of mind optional.

A Furry Christmas to all

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