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One treat at a time

micron tongue

Mmmm, tastes like chicken fingers.

“Wait!,” said the receptionist. “Stop right there for a minute.”

Huh? Great. What did I do now?

Nothing, that’s what. But why is it, I wonder, that it is so difficult to look innocent of misdeeds, especially when you really are.

“Your dog is so handsome,” says the gatekeeper of the assisted living facility lobby. “I have dog cookies behind the desk here. Can he have one?”

Oh, that.

Micron, who was under my control and care mere seconds ago, has alerted to the one word that means so much to him.

He looks up at me, then attempts to rush the nice lady who’s waving a treat at him.

“Did ya hear that, Food Lady?” says Micron. “I’ll be going home with the new cookie lady now. It’s been fun and all, but, you know. Cookies.”

“Mike-Mike!” I cry out his cutesy nickname in spite of his dropping two points from the Adorability Meter as he Baltos me across the lobby. “Slow down, Mike! Ok, fine. Sure, but he needs to Sit for the cookie. When he’s all excited like this, you’ll want to feed him like a…”

“Ow”, says the receptionist.

“Horse.” I say. “You’ll want to feed him like a horse. Flat, open palm.”

Horse. Donkey. Dire Wolf. Land Shark. Whatever he reminds me of during these food motivated moments, it’s a lesson learned. My dog will not only turn allegiance for a dog cookie, he will do so with great passion.

So, on our Pet Therapy visits I no longer permit kind folk to treat the mighty Micron.

“He just loses his mind around food,” I explain to those who want to break bread with my handsome dog.

“Just one?,” some will insist. It’s clear they don’t believe me. I must be some kind of ogress. Simple as that.

“I really appreciate your kindness,” I say. “I do. But I need him to focus on his work today.”

I know my dog well. After all, the two of us are in our third year as a Pet Therapy Team. Besides the No Treat Rule, we also don’t do any visits during or after mealtimes when Micron transforms into a living napkin.

“Don’t you ever feed this dog?” people will joke.

“Not on {fill in current day}’s,” I say.

Yep, that’s my dog.

Micron at Lindy's

Mike attempts self-control while making eye contact with a cookie chef straight ahead. (Not pictured: my foot firmly on the end of his leash.)

And so never being the kind of girl to think things completely through, I take Micron with me on a dog cookie run.

“Let’s pick up some treats at Lindy’s, Micron,” I say. “But listen. I want you to control yourself in there,”

“You’re funny,” says Micron.

Lindy & Company

A sparkle within our Gem City, Lindy & Company offers up gourmet dog and cat treats. Handmade and bakery fresh, these bits of goodness are crafted with only natural ingredients.

But why, you ask, bother going to a gourmet cookie shop in Dayton when the local pet supply store is nearly walking distance from our home?

Because this.

From Lindy & Company’s website:

Founded in 2012 by Daybreak, a nonprofit organization that provides shelter and housing for homeless youth, Lindy & Company is a work-readiness program that employs these youth so they can develop the valuable work skills (timeliness, respect, customer service, teamwork, etc.) needed in order to find and keep good jobs.

Linda Kramer, CEO of Daybreak, is proud of this unique program.

“Being able to employ the youth who stay at Daybreak means more than just giving them a job,” Kramer said. “It’s about giving them hope, reigniting their dreams, and providing them with tools that they can use so that they never have to be homeless again.”

Micron at Lindy's

Quality control is my thing. Just hook up a conveyor belt right here. [points to tongue]

And I ask you, how awesome is this?

Yeah, I totally agree with you.

As does the mighty Micron.

Lindy’s offers six varieties of dog treats (including gluten free), three varieties of dog training treats, and four varieties of cat treats. Gourmet on the Go (individually wrapped dog treats) is another option.

A clever gift idea for a dog lover is the Dog Treat of the Month Club, where two varieties of treats are shipped each month ($42 for three months, shipping included).

We enjoy a quick stop at the bakery when whenever we’re passing through that part of the Dayton area; their store front is at 823 Wayne Avenue. It’s a great opportunity to talk with the youth and see the sense of proprietorship in what they do.

But a shopping trip isn’t necessary. Any of the treats can be purchased at their online store.

“Our treats are sure to make your pet feel like a super hero,” Kramer said. “Beyond that, they’re homemade with love by homeless youth. We like to say Lindy & Company treats are saving kids, one treat at a time.”


A Testimonial

Have you ever attended an obedience course with your dog and been told to use “high value” treats? Something that will be sure to get (and keep) your dog’s attention on you?

Sword House always has a retriever or two in residence. And of course, Jager, the former street dog. Never had to worry about a picky eater around here.

But what to use during training sessions? Easy.

Better Butter Honey Dog Training Treats is our go-to choice. Every time. Small one-bite niblets of good stuff.

Micron’s favorite, and he’s tried them all, is the Peanut Butter But Better cookie. This flavor is what we used for our taste testing home demo.

I think the first thing you may notice in the photo below is that my kitchen has been custom designed to match yellow dog hair. You are correct. But on closer inspection, you will notice each drooling four-legger has a dog cookie placed at their paws.

A moment of cookie reverence

take the picture … take the picture … take the picture … c’mon take the picture

Merely a lesson in self-control and good manners for my oh so patient dogs. It would have been better if Micron would have waited for the release command before eating his, but I can’t even try to act shocked.


Scored just like a peanut butter cookie. Maybe it’s just me, but I think these smell just like those peanut butter sandwich cookies the Girl Scouts sell.

Micron yum

One a scale of one to ten, I’d rate that a gimmee-anuther.

Unanimous; all three are in agreement for once.

Each other dog’s cookie was bigger than the one in front of them. They need to be served up another handful to make things fair.

About Lindy & Company

Micron at Lindy's

Micron could be a stunt double for Lindy, the company’s namesake. He wants Lindy & Company to know he can start tomorrow.

Lindy & Company is gourmet pet treat bakery and social enterprise located in Dayton, Ohio. Founded by Daybreak, a nonprofit organization that provides shelter and housing for homeless youth, Lindy & Company employs these youth so that they can master the work-readiness soft skills that employers expect. For more information, please visit or connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Pinterest.

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Lover of all things Dog.

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  1. Donna – Thank you so much for your blog on Lindy and Company and we’re thrilled that Micron is such a fan. He’s really something…. Beautiful, Smart, and with Great Taste! (and I just love your pictures.) So please give Micron a hug from us with our sincerest thanks for his great endorsement. Best, Linda

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hi Linda, it was our pleasure. I appreciate the work you’re doing and we’re glad to have an opportunity to spread the word. We use the training treats with the pup at Gem City Dog Obedience. It”s a “feel good” treat; I like having something made with natural ingredients.


  2. Oooooo! I may have to check out their website! 🙂

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  3. WOW! You’ve made me bookmark this for my May shopping list. Thanks!

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  4. Must be good by the way he looks

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  5. Golden Daily Scoop

    Looks like we’ve got a new place to shop! Looks delish! Thanks for sharing!


  6. Lindy & Company’s homeless youth program sounds fabulous. I like to support small companies with a vision. I’ll have to check them out online!


    • I have a thing for small business, too. I’ll buy heartworm and flea preventatives from our vet instead of one of those huge catalog companies. I spend a little more, but I know the clinic could make better use of my dollars than big biz.

      Lindy’s mission is a noble one. I’m glad I can help support it, even if just in this small way.

      BTW, love, love your site. Gave you a couple of follows.


  7. We’ve never heard of these, but they sound quite tasty!


  8. Great review! These look like tasty treats and that is a really awesome company – absolutely love their mission!


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