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Pay attention or pay the lady at the license bureau

So you bring that new puppy home and housebreaking is going as expected. You can get the pup outside to do her business most of the time with only the occasional carpet christening.

But now it’s been nearly a week of successful toilet training and the pup has just walked over to you, made laser direct eye contact and squatted. Right there! In front of you!

What do you do?

You grab the classified ad section of your own local version of the Dayton Daily and roll it up tightly, right?

Then you smack yourself soundly on the head for not paying attention to the puppy.

It’s your own dumb fault.

When I say “you”, I really mean me, of course. Well, all of us collectively. Anyone who has raised a puppy or adopted an adult dog from a shelter.

I was reminded about this Paying Attention thing this week, when the Husband came downstairs and handed me this little nightmare.

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Reindeer games

[previously posted in Raising a Super Dog]

Hey, Food Lady, says Holly. Santa called. He wants me to come over to play reindeer games with Rudolph.

I can go, right? The Cat told me Rudolph has a big red glow ball that I can play Keep Away with. He says Rudolph loves this game.

I need to get back in good with Santa. I think this is just the thing that’ll do it, too. 

Can I help decorate?


Holly, a Canine Companions for Independence puppy

Turkey Sit

[previously published on Raising a Super Dog]
A slightly belated birthday to the Canine Companions for Independence Hero Litter.

Holly and her littermates should have received a hearty Happy Eight Month Birthday greeting a few days ago on November 18. But the day came and went without a peep from us here.

Kind of like the movie Sixteen Candles, but without all that teenage awkwardness.

Because there’s nothing awkward about Miss Holly now. Just look at her surrounded by her aura of grace and poise.

Sure, mostly nothing awkward. Do take notice of those back legs of hers, willya.

Oh my.

What brought this posture about? The chilly earth? Emulating a roast turkey in advance of the upcoming holiday? The desire to comply with the Sit command real good now?

Maybe simply a reminder that, at eight months old, Miss Holly is still a puppy.

Just in a bigger body.

Frosty blonde

Holly's first snowfall

Never mind the annual immersion into the Christmas holiday season, we haven’t even yet attended the November Family Dinner & Floor Show that some of you refer to as Thanksgiving. There must be someone we can talk to about this, right? A sound snowstorm in early November fell upon our little corner of Ohio leaving us with a sense of dread. You know the one … how you wished you’d taken the time last weekend to pick up all the recycled dog food in the backyard.

Now it’s a game of chance out there.

And the odds are against you and the shoes you walked in on.

Our Miss Holly was thrilled with this autumnal plot twist, she was. A natural California blonde, and just a young thing at that, this was her first experience with a frozen and frosty backyard.

In our time as volunteer puppy raisers for Canine Companions for Independence, that is our fifth yellow fluffer that we’ve introduced to the magical stuff that is Ohio snow.  I have to admit, each one is much like the last.

Joy and discovery and running and sniffing and the obligatory my-nose-is-a-snowplow.

I’ll never get tired of watching this.

Go Do Be Dog

Those are autumnal leaves tossed about in the snowscape. Not poo bombs. I think.

Go Do Be Dog

va … roooom … ba

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