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Wordless Wednesday: E Litter Puppy Names

The names of Canine Companions for Independence’s E Litter puppies were announced this week on Eukanuba’s Facebook page.

Euka II at three weeks.
Photo courtesy Chris Kittredge Photography

The extraordinary E litter was born on Friday, September 14 2012.  Mom Taya introduced us to five girls and three boys, all yellow coats.

In birth order (with collar color) we have:

Emma (red)
Everett (blue)

Ella (purple)

Elmo (neon green)

Euka II (neon pink)
Emily (brown)

Ethan (light pink)
Eliza (turquoise)

The Livestream puppy cam* will be available for about another five weeks until these fuzzies are two months old and then next go out to their CCI volunteer puppy raisers.

*The Livestream is now closed.

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  1. Woof! Woof! LOVE the name Euka. Happy Wordless Wednesday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar


  2. Aw, what a cutie pie! Love the names by the way, but maybe I'm biased, Happy Wednesday!


  3. What an adorable photo! Happy Wordless Wednesday!


  4. Hey Sugar, thanks for stopping by. Yeah, we kinda like the name Euka, too. A good thing, since we'll be saying it about a billion two times over the next year and a half, lol.


  5. I haven't heard yet who the puppy raiser of Emily will be. If they start a blog or facebook page, I'll let you know!


  6. Thanks for coming by, Kia. The photographer of these pups is just fantastic. We've got the start of an awesome puppy baby book.


  7. Instead of naming your dog something like Sir Merlin of Mangovia, you should shorten the name to Merlin, or Mango so that your dog has an easier time recognizing his name.



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