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Top 10 reasons to take an RV vacation with your dog

1. Well, the dog’s part of your family, right? 
Dog is my co-pilot

You could go at this thing Griswold style, like we do. But we mix it up a little. Instead of packing our stuff into a fresh-from-the-showroom-floor, yet inexplicably ugly station wagon, we choose to travel on six wheels in an old, creaky Class A Motorhome.

And we would never tie Aunt Edna’s dog to the bumper. It wouldn’t be safe, of course. He could yank the thing right off of that tired old coach. Oh, and remember the scene with the wet picnic basket? Just say no to that bologna sandwich, folks. You’re in an RV, for goodness sake. Go find a Wendy’s or something.

2. Any smells, regardless of source, can be blamed on the dog
Nuff said on this one. You know what I mean.

Better out than in, Jager says. We don’t call ’em Jager Bombs for nuthin’.

3. Dogs are the spice of life
As dog hair is made of keratin, a kind of protein, your RV dinette meals are especially enriched with this ubiquitous condiment.   

Oh, shoot. I forgot to pack the seasoned salt. But no matter. Somebody go smack the couch a couple of times. We’ll spice things up with a little Jager fur.

4. On a particularly chilly evening, you finally get what “three dog night” really means
Yup, your very own heated blanket. Ah, nice. Just don’t sleep with your mouth open or you end up with a dog hair version of cotton mouth that even cowboy coffee isn’t going to save you from.

 5. Amazing photo ops with a family member who isn’t camera shy
Ok, everybody look up at me and smile!  aww, Mom.

6. No matter what you’re doing or where you are, your dog is never bored, tired, or grumpy
Every stop is a multi-sensorial adventure of sights and smells.

Dog: The I-80 rest stop?! Oh boy, my favorite!  sniff, sniff, snuffle, sniff  . . .     

Me: Just do your business, already. 

Actual pet station sign at a North Carolina campground.
We told Jager this spot was for him.

7. Your pup will make sure you never miss a gorgeous sunrise
Get up, Food Lady! [schluuurp] I gotta go NOW!

Ok,this may have been worth it.

8. You can experiment with different Febreze scents to find which one truly can tackle that persistent wet dog aroma

Me:  [one hand on hip, the other spraying Febreze into the air. Just like in the commercial] Mmm, smells like Sunflowers and Sunshine.  

Husband: And wet dog.

I think I smell like snickerdoodles

 9. You can finally lower your housekeeping standards to “well, that’s good enough for the guys I go out with.” 
It’s just an episode of frustration trying to keep your six square feet of living space any level of clean. Hey, it’s not like the Health Department is coming to inspect things. Or your mother-in-law, for that matter.

It’s a vacation. Relax.

10. Long walks mean guilt-free dessert later
Right, like I need an excuse to eat that tub of Cherry Garcia in the RV freezer.

And one more reason as a bonus . . .
11. You get a chance to see things just a little differently.
Every stop you make, you think can I write about this in the dog blog?  Or maybe that’s just me.

Husband: Hey, look over there. Let’s stop in at [some artsy fartsy place] 

Me: Oh, I don’t know.It doesn’t look dog friendly. 

Husband: So . . . ?  

Me: So? Silly, if we can’t take the dog in there, then I won’t have any photos, which means I can’t blog about it. 

Husband: [sighs]

What do you get when you cross a Lab with a Terrier?

Coming up in the next post:  Summer vacation with two big dogs and one freaky little terrier mix.

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  1. OMD that was hysterical! What a great list. I want to go camping with YOU!


  2. Wonderful list! I just went on an RV trip for a week with Leila and relate to this post completely. I could not stop laughing at your pictures. I know what you mean by never missing the sun rises and the smells when you are cramped up in that small space pee-ewww


  3. LOL! I love this post! I want an RV! (I just don't want it to move…)
    I especially love your last photo and caption.



  4. Oh we loved this post. We camp in a 1986 class C motor home and can relate to all of the above!

    Nubbin wiggles,


  5. Well I'm not in a hurry to buy an RV but I agree that dogs are made for camping. I couldn't stand my tent in October if I didn't at least have one furry companion. 🙂


  6. This is such a fabulous post! I laughed so much at the whole thing, just wonderful. The photos are adorable! Absolutely love the wasted pets station LOL. 😀


  7. Fantastic post! You had me at Griswold. 🙂


  8. You are adventurous!! Looks like a fun trip, can't wait to read more about it 😉


  9. Funny post for sure – and looks like a fun trip. Sure makes the time go faster when you have a furry one on board!



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