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Wordless Wednesday: It’s a trap

I am one lucky duck that my job allows me to work from home on occasion. With the natural light to uplift my mood and some good old-fashioned classic rock softly thumping in the background (smoke on the waaaahta, fire in the sky . . .), it lends to a productive environment.

Until the cat shows up.

After he’s leapt onto the table to tip my coffee mug, Bodine settles his furry mass comfortably on my documents. Rather absent-mindedly, he bats about my pen with a lazy paw and asks, so whatcha doin’?

Please don’t think less of me when I tell you that I had to set up a trap. The cat left me no choice, you see.

It’s the only thing that will contain him effectively.

The Cardboard Box Cat Trap.

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  1. He looks mighty comfy in that trap!!!


  2. And he is. I'm thinking about trying a clear plastic tub so I can see how he actually fits his furry mass in that small space.



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