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Yaxley’s Progress Report #1

Yeah, ok. But they feed you here, right?

For those of us that have sent our favorite kids off to college to grow their wings, well, you know how that feels? With a kiss and a long hug, you give them the nudge as they move on to grasp the responsibilities of adulthood.  Make good choices now, we say holding back a tear.

And now are they making friends, but paying attention to their studies?  Remembering to eat right? Oh, I hope he’s getting the sleep he needs.

For some of us puppy raisers, it takes a while to relax and let go of these same worries about our former furry charges in Advanced Training. That first phone call from CCI helps the mental process move along.  We talked with Yaxley’s trainer this week.

She tells me that he is adjusting just fine to his new digs and playing nicely with his roommate. He’s met more dogs in group play and building his confidence. They’re moving through the initial health checks now with Yaxley, but only worked with assessing training skills briefly.

Over the next month Yaxley will be introduced to the more complex commands he’ll need to know as an assistance dog. So, we hang loose until the end of September when we’ll get the next update.

Do well, our awesome yellow dog. You’ll be in our thoughts every day.

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