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Welcome! Come on in and have a seat. Grab yourself a Diet Coke and make yourself at home. No, no it’s ok. I’m not going to show you the slide show of our last Grand Canyon vacation or try to sell you plastic bowls that burp for freshness.  Nothing like that.

Well, maybe just a little like that. Now we all know this isn’t the place in the blogosphere where you can count on finding the latest in product reviews. This sort of thing ain’t my bag, baby. (Austin Powers, 1997).  Having my choice of druthers here, I’d druther just talk about the derring-do’s of the yellow dogs and post a photo or two.

And because product reviews of my favorite things might be something like . . .

The heated cat bed!  

No longer the place I was going to store those old CD’s.  Instead that cardboard box I was saving was commandeered by the cat. And setting the thing on the printer keeps those privileged feline nether regions nice and toasty warm.  Energy savings in one little corrogated package.   

It doesn’t bother him a bit that he’s oozing random body parts out of it. I guess the side benefit is the natural face lift.

Levitating dog toys!

When tennis balls aren’t bouncy enough, we have the gravity defying Go-nut!  After your dog gets the hang of catching this rubbery toy, keep the challenge going by having them fetch it while walking on two legs. 

Designer doggie pharmaceuticals

After a second trip to the vet to staple Jager back together, I asked if there were such things as anti-terrier meds.  Can’t we just knock him down a notch on the hyperactive scale?, I ask. You know, drop the needle from Completely Maniacal to maybe just Flipping’ Freaky?

Apparently not.  Obviously our vet doesn’t have a terrier.

But of course, I know she’s right.  I just need to keep Jager on a shorter leash, so to speak. And anyway, I have other dogs in the house to consider.  I mean, what would happen if, say, Micron got into the anti-terrier meds?

I’d never the college drop-out off the sofa.

The Super-Grip Camera Strap!

Handmade and customized by special order by Sassy Strap. The super grip feature is actually a manual setting. And by manual, I mean it’s me gripping the camera while two yellow dogs play an impromptu game of tug o’war.


Stylin’ Dog Bling!

Ah, but there’s a shiny gem in this mixed bag of treasure. And while Micron likely looks upon a Christmas gift of a new dog collar kinda like the kid and new crew socks, well, I’m rather jazzed about the bling of it all.

Micron models the Celtic Knot design

A dog collar?, you say, can’t you just pick one up at the pet store?  Sure, you could. If you were happy with some ho-hum look for your dog. As they say, don’t dress for the job you have. Dress for the job you want.  As for us, we’re motivated to keep Micron looking good.  I keep telling this dog, he has a destiny.  A destiny that doesn’t involve daytime TV and a can of Pringles. Now that life as a service dog is out, we don’t know what’s ahead just yet for the mighty Micron.  But let’s keep up the GQ metro style while we figure things out, ok Mikey?  We chose Woof Wear Dog Collars to update his haberdashery.

So why this particular collar for my extra special dog?  Well, for one, it comes in so many snappy and clever designs, it’s tough to choose just one. Even seasonal choices are out there for the opting. But this dilemma is easily remedied by the extra little removable tag switcher. The tag switcher can be removed from one collar and attached to another in a blink. Easy peasy to move the dog tags around, no pliers needed.

But the best part of it all?  These fancy collars are handmade by a fellow Canine Companions for Independence puppy raiser, Nancee Wright.  Afforable, durable and stylish, Nancee sells her canine bling online at Etsy.  A special added bonus – she donates part of the sale to CCI.  

Don’t be envious of Micron. I’ve asked him to dial down the handsomeness, but he just can’t help himself.  And with the new Woof Wear, he’s too cool for school. But your dog could look this good too.  Check out Nancee’s shop at Woof Wear at Etsy.  Tell her Micron sent you.

Are we done here? Oprah’s on.

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