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Wordless Wednesday: Vintage Dog

And just who is that adorable toddler? Why, that’s the Food Lady herself with my first dog.  It kinda looks like I’m teaching Sissy to speak. More likely I was hoping not to get my tender little digits nipped by the little terrier. It’s all how you interpret it, I guess.

When was this taken, you ask? Well, let’s just say somewhere after the Beatles hit U.S. soil but before space travel became more than a dream.

After I showed this photo to a dear friend, she noted that my personal sense of style was my hallmark even then. It’s not everyone she says, that can rock the socks with sandals look.

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  1. Sweet. Love the photo!

    Licks and Love,


  2. Thanks, Nora! One of the rare times that I'll actually post a photo of myself here. The camera is a contrary beast and isn't very kind to me lately.



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