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Wordless Wednesday: Golden boy

Ah, lovely. A shot of our golden boy soaking up the rays. He does have a glow about him this wintery morn.

And something odd going on with his snooter, it seems.

Oh, Micron my love. You put your nose on crooked this morning.

But no matter, that should be an easy fix. A dog cookie should take care of it quite nicely, since that’s likely why the boop button is in overdrive trying to locate his I’m-wearing-your-stoopid-hat reward.

And speaking of the proper holiday spirit, we have a short clip of Micron wishing you Christmas greetings.

I’m ridiculously annoyed that I can’t take credit for this piece of art.  This was given to me by a co-worker, who just happens to be a high level manager. Have I ever mentioned how much I love my team at Eukanuba?


Wordless Wednesday: Mutiny of the Bounty

Who loves Grocery Day? Micron does, that’s who.  I don’t remember how or when we started the tradition, really.  But every week I always grab an extra roll of paper towels for Micron to retrieve from the miscellaneous and sundry food score so he can do his job by delivering his quarry from car to house.

Some may remember the post where we covered his fervor for this heavy responsibility at Every Day He Reminds Me.  It occurred to me that perhaps photos just can’t tell the whole story, so I came up with the inspired idea to record a video to capture the emotion of the thing. Y’all need to see this phenomena, I think.

As always, I walk into this with a vision. Just short of drawing up a story board, I see in my mind’s eye . . . Micron’s expression showing pure canine ecstasy as he realizes it’s Grocery Day, embracing his inner greyhound he runs to the car, ending with a sliding stop. Plume tail wagging a happy dance as he pulls the paper towel roll from the trunk of the car and walks proudly back to the house thus completing his task.  All honor and glory and wondrous stuff.

Yeah, this didn’t happen. Of course it didn’t, why did I think it would? This is Micron, after all.

No, instead this is what we got.

(Heads up there’s a snappy music score with this. Just sayin’ if your speakers are on) 

The E Litter performs Puppy Style

It’s the Canine Companions E litter — Puppy Style!

Be mindful if you have your speakers on as the puppies’ antics are set to music. Which may or may not be to your taste. The music that is, of course we all love the E puppies, right?  Personally, I’m looking for a recording of Disney’s It’s a Small World hoping it’s potent enough to kill the gangum-style ear worm embedded in my grey matter.

Ok, remember the puppies’ collar colors?  Here ya go.  Eliza starts the show, then tags Euka II for her performance. But yeah, all the puppies get a shot at their three minutes of video fame.

Emma (red)
Everett (blue)
Ella (purple)
Elmo (neon green)
Euka II (neon pink)
Emily (brown)
Ethan (light pink)
Eliza (turquoise)

A heartfelt Thanks! to Canine Companions for Independence for making this video for all to enjoy. 

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