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Wordless Wednesday: Dreaming of the playoffs

 I got it! calls Micron.

His team mates step back, bowing to the mad skills of their ace catcher. They’ll give the glory of this catch to the Golden Boy.

All eyes are on the yellow ball, which first appears to be suspended in mid-air, then begins to descend as if in slow motion.

And the fans are on their feet! Fists pumping high over their heads as they chant Mighty Mike! Mighty Mike! MI…T…MIKE!

Micron coils his body as he prepares to vault into the open sky, as beautiful and graceful as a great white shark.

This is it, folks!, shouts the announcer over the roaring crowds. This is the winning catch that’s gonna take this amazing team off to the …


Well, there goes the playoffs. Way to go, “Golden Boy.” Off to the showers with yourself, now.

Aw, don’t take it too hard,there Mighty Mike.  There’s always next year, big guy.

Wordless Wednesday: Golden boy

Ah, lovely. A shot of our golden boy soaking up the rays. He does have a glow about him this wintery morn.

And something odd going on with his snooter, it seems.

Oh, Micron my love. You put your nose on crooked this morning.

But no matter, that should be an easy fix. A dog cookie should take care of it quite nicely, since that’s likely why the boop button is in overdrive trying to locate his I’m-wearing-your-stoopid-hat reward.

And speaking of the proper holiday spirit, we have a short clip of Micron wishing you Christmas greetings.

I’m ridiculously annoyed that I can’t take credit for this piece of art.  This was given to me by a co-worker, who just happens to be a high level manager. Have I ever mentioned how much I love my team at Eukanuba?


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