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Wordless Wednesday: Hillbilly cat bed

Hey Bodine, that’s a really nice box. Too bad they didn’t have one in your size.

We put this box in the kitchen so we wouldn’t forget to take it out to the recycling bin. That was two months ago.  Bodine commandeered the thing and now we have our very own hillbilly cat bed to explain to friends and family visitors.

That posture puts me in mind of an aging Marlon Brando. Bodine says if we would just put a few kibble on his belly and scootch his box over the to TV, he’ll be set for the evening. 

About Donna Black-Sword

Lover of all things Dog.

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  1. And they say cats are so highbrow!!


  2. That's too funny, you gotta love those kitties!


  3. Great job recycling! I think I'll find a nice box for my dogs and see if they take up residence.

    Happy Wednesday!


  4. Yeah, he walks around here like he's all that. But this cardboard box reveals his otherwise humble roots, I think.


  5. Being a dog person, I give up even trying to understand cats and instead found it more peaceful to just embrace the weirdness that is feline behavior.

    The dogs wouldn't sleep in box. They would eat it.


  6. But aren't your dogs, I don't know, like huge? I'd have to build an extension to the kitchen if the dogs wanted boxes of their own.



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