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Service dogs provide aid for disabled, support for wounded, grieving
Local heroes in action

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Full article link:   Service dogs provide aid for disabled, support for wounded, grieving


Here we have in this short video, just under four minutes, that covers .  . . 

  • Words from a family who volunteer for Canine Companions for Independence as puppy raisers. Fifteen year old Katie Weiss talks about what it means to raise CCI puppy Jaleen.
  • O’Shea, a facility dog that helps with the grieving process after a loss in a family.
  • The Skilled Companion team of Inga and Joseph.
  • Footage from the February 2012 CCI graduation in Delaware, OH.

CCI touches so many lives in positive ways.  And this particular video brings things even a little closer to home for us.  We have met, or are close friends with, so many of the amazing folk seen in the video. A glimpse of our heroes and mentors, the Amos’, who were our inspiration to be puppy raisers. The voice of Suzanne, CCI’s puppy program manager. We would surely go astray if not for her wise guidance. And we see a few of  the graduate teams that keep us grounded in this puppy raising business.  Why do I open my life and home to a dog that’s not mine?  Just to give the pup back after sixteen months?

Because there’s a chance we might become part of something bigger than ourselves.  Because of people like Joseph.

We brought Inga home at eight weeks old and said good-bye to her such a short time later. A kiss on the nose, a long hug and our wishes to go do good stuff.  And by God, did she. You know, all these dogs touch my heart in some way.  But the lovely Inga, my first CCI love, holds that special place. I’m so proud of her, so proud of Joseph.

Good girl, Inga. We love you.

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  1. Very neat video. Thanks for sharing!


  2. What a great video. 🙂


  3. Great video! Inga is doing an awesome job! I absolutely agree with you. Many wonder how we can give them up, but even though they aren't living with us anymore they are still a part of our lives and you become part of something greater! I would never have met Mindy's partner if I hadn't given her up, and I feel o blessed to know them and be a part of their lives.


  4. Thanks Madison! I enjoyed your blog and am now officially following. Dropped a link to your In Training to Help site in my blog roll, too.


  5. Thanks for taking time to watch it, Erin. They did a nice job of fitting a lot of info into a visual message, I think.


  6. Thanks Ashley,I really like your comment that we become part of something greater. My world is a bigger place now. Through our CCI volunteer work, I've met some amazing folk that otherwise would have never had the chance to know. Talk about time well spent!



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