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Wordless Wednesday: Fat Tuesday Hangover

Do we want to know what the dogs did to earn those beads?  Right, probably not.

But knowing the cat, he’ll rat them out. 

Or not.

Guess I don’t know the cat like I thought.

Actually, we borrowed the beads from college boy’s bedroom. And how did he come about owning these? That story, my friends, is indeed one I don’t need to know.

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  1. That is adorable! I just started my first CCI puppy and there are no other raisers in my area, so I was so glad to find your blog and other raiser's blogs!
    Hannah and Dante III


  2. Welcome Hannah! I've added your puppy raising blog about Dante in my blog roll.


  3. If dogs could talk………


  4. Then we'd all be in trouble. They know too much about us.



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