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Wake up, little guy. It’s time for your nap.

Aw, come on! What’s a guy gotta do to get a nap around here?
What’s more adorable than a little yellow puppy?  A little yellow puppy taking a nap, that’s what. As if I actually have to say it.
Yaxley has been handling office time so well these past couple of weeks that we’ve promoted him to full-time work. His mornings at home start with doing his important business duties outside, grabbing some kibble for breakfast and then a few minutes for a quick chew on the family dog’s leg.
After I pack up everyone’s lunches for the day, I toss the little guy in the car for the ride to the office.  
Well, that sounds harsh. I don’t actually toss him, of course. It’s more like he gets lifted onto the backseat so he can walk into his crate. Oh, this is magical – I open the crate door and Yaxley walks in and lays down.  He does it his own self. (Thank you, thank you to Susie Nash, this litter’s breeder/caretaker, for crate training these pups for us!)
Once in the office door, it’s a few minutes of manic glee. Holy Cow, we haven’t seen this place since yesterday! To be capped off by some serious nap time.

Yaxley’s primary focus these last few days has been to grow. And being a growing pup is a job that takes intense concentration. You can’t afford to lose focus or you might turn into a chihuahua or something. If he’s going to grow up to be as majestic as his buddy, Micron, then well, he needs his beauty sleep.

Wearing Micron’s hand-me-down training cape.

So sleep, he does. What a cutie, too.  

Dreaming of wearing the big dog cape

Doggie spooning

A mirror image.
I found them both sleeping under my desk like this.

Your feet smell like Fritos.

And speaking of needing some beauty sleep

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  1. This is the most adorable post ever! Yaxley should be in movies!


  2. ADORABLE! Yaxley is so cute and I must say that Micron is a very handsome Golden!!!



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