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Snow Day Redux

It’s a beautiful spring-like day this afternoon. Temps in the upper 50’s, blue skies and white fluffy clouds. Rather uplifting and much needed. I don’t know if it’s really fair to say this winter has been worse than any of recent, but there were days the gray skies seemed to be endless.
Not completely a dark abyss over the past few months, however. During the times we had snow, it was absolutely gorgeous. When we brought the little lord Yaxley home from CCI, it was a typical chilly day. Taking first day photos outside gave us bleak landscape backgrounds of brown and gray. So I was pleased to hear we would get another snowfall yet in February. 
Yaxley is a natural California blonde; from the land of sea and sky. California may have beaches, warm climates and green grass, but out here in the midwest (OHIO, the Heart of America!) we can offer snow and ice and thunderstorms and mud and tornados. And can even dish this all up on the same day. ‘Tis true. Don’t like the weather? Just give it a few hours, it’ll change. Not the Ohio state motto. But it could be.
So we got some snow for Yaxley. Nine weeks old for his first romp in the frosty stuff. And like any red blooded CCI pup, he loved it. No hesitation, no what the heck is this stuff, just a full throttle whee session.
Now that we can check this photo op off the list, I’m ready for springtime. Now would be nice, doncha think?

For another puppy in the snow experience, Micron’s first snow day is at this link: Snow Day

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