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I has a stick. It’s gonna be a good day.

March 19, 2011 was a day of celebration. Well, for me and the dogs it sure was. According to our Gregorian calendar, this is the last day of winter. Glorious news indeed. And we had a gorgeous day to usher out those winter memories.

Now this is Ohio weather, so we’ve had an Easter Sunday once when I’ve slushed through fresh snow into church sporting open toe high heels. And plenty of Halloweens when the kid had to wear his winter coat over his costume. And then there’s been times in February when the temperate weather has you thinking about firing up the charcoal grill.  It’s befitting, I think, that winter’s long awaited exit brought us a truly warm spring day. And as a double bonus, it’s not raining for once.

The dogs are restless; we haven’t had much running around time in the backyard due to the mushy ground.  Some days I honestly just don’t have the energy it takes to wipe off twelve dog paws and three dripping furry bellies. But today we’re gonna celebrate, we are.

Hey Micron, wanna play Frisbee? HEY LOOK A STICK!

I admit, a tree branch is not an approved dog toy and never my first choice for playtime. I must have a hundred dollars worth of dog toys in various states of disrepair about the house and yard. But darn it, a stick on the ground is more attractive to these guys. The smell of the thing, the mouth feel – nothing can compete.

Yup, it’s shaping up to be a good day.
MICRON!  Gimme da stick!

Remember the previous post with the mud photos (The dark side of snow)? Well, that little geographical wonder of an Ohio LaBrea tar pit still lurks in the northwest corner of the yard.  And Micron was drawn to it like a moth to flame (it’s so beautiful!). But to my good fortune, he reacted every time I squealed like a loose fan belt. So woo hoo and all that. Big yellow dog did not submerge himself or even try digging for wooly mammoth bones.
He did, however, run through it at the speed of doggy sound a couple o’times. Silly water dog.
Psst, hey Micron, let’s bury the Frisbee in the tar pit

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  1. Sister Yukiko loves carrying a stick in her mouth each morning on her walk.


  2. We gave you an award at our blog. You can stop by, copy the image, post on the side of your blog, and pass it on to other bloggers!

    Hope you like it,
    Elijah & Dembre


  3. Your welcome! You definitely deserve it. I love all the pics on your blog and I really, really like the header. And, of course, I love hearing about service dog pups 🙂

    ~Elijah & Dembre



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