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Webster Street Market
Yeah, I’m with the band
Traveling around with Micron is kinda like hanging with a celebrity. I noticed this phenomena with our first CCI dog and it’s the same with this pup.
Walking through public spots with a caped dog by my side I hear whispered remarks. We’re hard wired to notice whispers, I think. Unless someone calls my name, I really don’t hear conversations as I pass by folk. But a shishy shush comment perks the ears. 
Ok, so try this out. Think of a hot rock star; anyone you like. And for each time in the next paragraph you see a reference to “dog”, replace with your rock star’s name . . .

As I’m walking through the Farmers Market with Micron, I overhear things like “did you see that Dog!?” or “a lady with a Dog just walked by”. Out of the corner of my eye, I see someone peek around a corner who says “holy cow, you’re right! There is a Dog over there.” It’s like they’re too shy to come up and talk to me and the Dog. 

So it’s pretty great when folk will stop and talk to us instead of about us. I love it when someone asks if it’s ok to pet Micron because it opens the opportunity to talk about what we’re doing for CCI. I think it’s way better than hanging out with Bon Jovi or something. But hey, that’s just me.

Dayton Dragons Baseball
An American werewolf in London
Ok, so he’s closer to a yellow dog in downtown Dayton.
Speaking of out and about, we brought Micron to walk around at the annual Celtic Festival. I wanted to hang a nickname on him that would make him feel like a Scot, but nothing clever came to mind. Mikey doesn’t sound Scottish, Irish, Welsh or anything even close. He’s an all American dog, so we embraced this heritage by hugging a huge baseball. Here’s one proud California blonde.
We did manage a photo op with a fellow who seemed pretty authentic to me. If he’s not a Scot, he sure as heck owns the look anyhow. Here he is working his Celtic charms on Micron. The dog looks rather blissful.

Dayton, Oh is a river city and is partly bordered by the Great Miami River. Before we got all modernized and everything Dayton had canals in the downtown area for commerce. Legend has it they were actually rather nasty and cesspool-ish. But today in the electronic age, we prefer to think of the former canal streets as a quaint old idea. ‘Tis a much happier way of thinking. For a parting shot, here’s Micron posing in front of a beautifully restored canal near Monument Street.
Sorry kid, we’re not going swimming

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