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Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend

Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.

Here’s the diet books, Mom.

A whiskery old quote by the cynical Groucho Marx. And the segue to telling you about our visit to Books and Co. at The Greene.

One of my favorite authors, Katrina Kittle, is celebrating the debut of her fourth book, The Blessings of the Animals.  She was at Books and Co. for a reading and book signing this past Friday. I first met Katrina a few years back when I was a volunteer tutor for the Ohio Reads program. She impressed me then as a woman filled with positive energy; someone very approachable and personable. What a delight to be in her presence again.
A review of Katrina’s new book by Booklist tells us that “with subtle yet shimmering insight, Kittle explores the resilience of human nature and the indelible role animals play in healing shattered emotions.”  An affirming story of the healing power of animals? Sounds like something worth sharing to me. Time to put the cape on the dog and make a road trip to The Greene.

Micron and I made it in time to get a front row seat. Enough space to put his 72 lb. incredible hulk body and still have some leg room. And as it turned out, a fine place for a 10 month old puppy to act out. In my infinite wisdom, I decided he would get fed after this event, so we could sit through the reading without worrying about a potty alert. Right. So, no potty alerts but the furball knew it was getting past dinnertime and felt I needed a reminder.

Katrina Kittle and her admirer, Micron
It started with a soliciting paw on my leg. Ignore, ignore . . . I don’t answer to begging dogs. Then it was the laser eye; I could see him staring at me with an intensity that was admittedly a little disconcerting.
We made it to Q&A time. Katrina explains how it’s so important for us recognize the animals that have impacted our lives. This cued starving dog to say-it-sister with a high pitched yip as a final desperate act to let me know his stomach has now shrunk to the size of a walnut.  Ok, yeah it was funny. Well timed, you goofball. And now with everyone’s attention on him, completely impossible to correct. Dang.

In the end, I’m all oh-my-god-I-can’t believe-you-barked-in-public, while several people came up afterward to say how wonderful he was and oh so well-behaved. The dog finds some redemption in just being stinkin’ adorable.

There’s a book event later this month that sounds interesting. We’ll give Micron another shot at Books and Co. for this.

But this time I’m packing a lunch for him.

Scoping for cute chicks at The Greene

As a postscript to our Katrina meeting, I also wanted to share her blog. Before the release of The Blessings of the Animals, she held a contest asking for essays on animals that have blessed our lives. I sent in some thoughts I had about the turn-in of our first CCI puppy, Inga. And was totally jazzed to get an honorable mention as recognition for my short essay.  A win for CCI as well; another way to raise awareness of this incredible organization and the work they do. The runner-ups for the dog essays are on her Canine Contenders post. Some touching stories out there for you dog lovers. Grab a hankie first.

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