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Four Dog Night

Four Dog Night

Cute photo, right? This was an evening of dog sitting at my place. Not dogs sitting, dog sitting. Like baby sitting, but with more slobber. It’s funny, I shared this pic on my Facebook and found the different reactions interesting. My non-CCI friends were all “how did you get them to sit at the same time? And stay in one spot long enough for a picture?” 
Taken from another perspective, fellow CCI puppy raisers were thinking “only four?”
I know where they’re coming from on that. I’ve seen the photos of seasoned puppy raisers. There will be somewhere between five to eight dogs of various ages sitting side by side. In order of height.
And all wearing birthday party hats.
It brings a sense of awe and wonder to a novice like me. Someday that will be me. Because it’s important to have big goals in life.
So how to get four dogs to sit nice and calm? It’s not so hard, you know. You just start with about 75% of them as CCI dogs; one outlier is ok to add to the mix. See the body language there?  If you always keep your treats in the right front pocket, just moving your hand anywhere in that general area will get the dog’s attention.  The spotted one on the far right is not looking at the camera; he’s locked onto that front pocket using his Jedi mind tricks to get a dog biscuit to levitate out. And see the yellow guy on the right leaning ever so slightly? Because he has faith in the Force.

These well-behaved boys are, from left to right, Kell (a CCI COC/change of career), Micron at 9 months, Karsen at 7 months, and poor hapless Jager, always the odd guy out.
Here’s Karsen and Micron after they’ve chewed through all the toys, including Jager, and now declaring that there’s nothing to do around here. 
Parting shot is Micron showing his love of the USA on the Fourth of July. I tried taking a picture with him sitting proudly while holding the flag in his mouth. Yeah, that didn’t work out. Instead this is him being distracted from chewing on the flag.
It’s not patriotic to eat the stars and stripes, honey.

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  1. Just read through the entire blog, GREAT stuff!! My wife Deb and I are first time puppy raisers and also have a blog going for Ansel III. We received him from North Central back in March and he's just a blast to have around.

    Here's a link to Ansel's blog:



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