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Wordless Wednesday: Caption This #14

Holy cow, it’s been forever since we’ve offered up a Caption This.

So we’ll start this off with a You’re Welcome when you see that I didn’t pun y’all with saying fur-ever.
And I have to tell you this, too. I was sorely tempted to use the saying Donkey’s Years after having just read this phrase in a Stephen King story, of all places.
I haven’t heard anyone say that in, well … you know.  Turns out that Donkey’s Years is an eggcorn from Donkey’s Ears.  Like, it’s been as long as a donkey’s ears.
But we don’t want to suggest a negative body image to a lovely pup who has yet to grow into her own air flappers, now do we?
Of course not, people.
Still, this expression on Holly’s adorable mug is worthy of a caption, I think.
Maybe …

Holly:  The cat called me a What?!

Or add the photo below for a two-liner:

Me:    Holly! Whacha rolling around in your mouth now?
Holly: [mmph] muffin. See?


Holly: Hey, Food Lady! D’ya like seafood?
Me:    Oh Holly, that joke’s even older than I …
Holly: Lookit!  Hahahahaha[snort]

And now let’s open it up to more ideas.  Drop us a comment with your clever dialogical thoughts.

Wordless Wednesday: Caption This #13

What is Micron saying to Jager?  Worse, what is that look on Euka’s face?

It was likely at this point when I should have been warned that things were about to go awry during last weekend’s Holiday photo shoot.

But of course I was too distracted by trying to put the dogs in a pretty sit while keeping the Santa hat straight on Jager’s pointy little head.

Gotcher your stoopid hats right here, Food Lady!

This top photo feels like a Caption This to me. There’s a conspiracy plan being gelled, a coup in the works, a disturbance in The Force. Or something.

Your thoughts?

Wordless Wednesday: Caption This #12


There’s a simple story behind this photo, really.  I set the camera on continuous shot and asked Micron to speak.

And I simply missed all the good shots of his open maw.

Instead I have some outtakes that are pretty darn fun in spite of my ill-fated action shot efforts.

Like this one above.

Whatsa matter, Micron? I might ask.  You look like you’ve seen a ghost.  Ah, I see. The cat’s at it in your food bowl again.

Let’s caption this one, shall we?  Any ideas, y’all?

Wordless Wednesday: Caption This #11


What about this looks so familiar, you wonder.  Right?  There’s that Déjà vu thing again – that ethereal feeling like you’ve already had a microwave meal for lunch every day this week? Or is it because you’re just collecting Lean Cuisine points to get that snappy new lunch bag so you’re willing to down one more pasta conglamerate in a frozen box even though the very thought of it makes you not hungry anymore, but it’s the only thing you packed and you do really want the special edition lunch bag so you have to at least nuke it for the box label?

Is that the feeling? Or is it because you just saw this photo a few days ago on The Ohio E’s Celebrate Their First Birthday right here on the dog blog?  Which may be doubly impressed upon your memory cells because that particular photo of Emma and Euka reminded me of this one below?

And if memory services, I introduced this adorable shot to y’all in Caption This #9.  A post worth a second look just for the caption ideas, by the way.

Hey Emma, says Euka. What do you get when you cross an
elephant with a rhino*?
 [sigh], says Emma
(photo by Chris Kittredge Photography)

And while we’re on the topic of captions, let’s put some thought into the top photo, shall we?

So what d’ya think? Yeah, I know. Euka’s just yawning in Emma’s face, like she’s been raised with no manners whatsoever. So we could take this a couple of ways – build a clever caption making a case for these two very bored dogs or instead, with a squint of your eyes, pretend that our Euka is saying something REAL LOUD.

Inspired now? Drop us a comment with your clever thoughts.

*What do you get? Elephino.  Sound it out by syllable, y’all.

Wordless Wednesday: Caption This #10

Oh, Pool Boy, calls Euka. I’m still waiting for that Mojito.

Our sassy diva has that look of practiced impatience. Peering over the top of her stylin’ shades, she is using her wiles to get others to do her bidding.

Or so it appears to me, anyway.

What d’ya think? Any photo caption ideas?  Drop your inspired thoughts in the comments, won’t you?  And if you’re a fellow blogger, be sure to put a link to your site in your comment.

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