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DYK? More puppy goodness on FaceBook


Did you know you can find more photos of Euka II and her friends on Raising a Super Dog‘s FaceBook page?

Two new albums were added this week of the polar bear pup’s acts of derring do and holiday celebrations.

Click the photo captions below for a direct link to adorable puppy photos.  We hope you enjoy!

Euka’s Snow Album
Euka’s First Christmas Album

Find us on Facebook, says Euka II

Two weeks left until puppy goodness comes our way. As in the final stages of any expectant mom, I’ve begun some nesting behavior.

Gotta check off . . .

  • puppy proof the house
  • do an inventory of chew toys
  • stock up on paper towels
  • get the crate all soft and comfy
  • buy puppy food
  • find the puppy collar and umbilical leash
Raising a Super Dog
  • create a Facebook page
Yeah, so far I’ve been able to check of the Facebook thing.  But this might come in handy for y’all.  Clicking Like will get all the latest puppy derring-do right in your newsfeed. 

While the dog blog is updated on a regular schedule of Wordless Wednesdays and Story Sundays, you just never know when a ridiculously adorable photo of Euka II will grace your Facebook feed. 

Cuz you know, it’s not every day I drop something stinkin’ cute like this into the dog blog.

Euka II waves good-night to her fans on the Eukanuba  Livestream

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