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Age of Wonders

What’s it been now, people? About eleven days, give or take, since Holly has moved in?

Sure, not quite two weeks here at Sword House, which is certainly well before the threshold suggested by that old adage about taking twenty one days to start a new habit.

And that means Holly the Wonder Dog is still enjoying the enviable world of puppy discoveries.

So, says Holly. I wonder what this tastes like.

And …

Well, says Holly. What’s this now? Let’s give ‘er a sniff.

And …

I just wanna roll this around [mmph], says Holly. In my mouf for a minute.

So much yet to learn and find and eat and finger swipe out of a puppy maw. With the world as a playground, a puppy raiser finds herself on Yellow Alert whenever things get too quiet.

With one ear perked I go to check. Is she asleep on the dog bed or chewing the thing? Yep, gotta stay aware of where the little girl is.

What are these things you call Stairs?, asks Holly. Yeah, those look a little creepy. 

Under the right paw.  See?
She did eat the ant, too. But you
know. Protein.

But it’s a trick, you know. Just leave your favorite strappy sandals about four steps up where you’re sure they’ll be all safe from puppy teeth and find out later the little monkey indeed found a way to sate that instinctual craving for leather.

Hole? asks Holly. A hole, you say? What hole? Oh, this one! Right. See, there was an ant in there cuz I saw him go in and I knew you wanted him out so I got him for you and because you’re so nice and everything I ate him too.  You’re welcome.  

With every deep sniff and stroll about her environment, Holly’s world becomes a bigger place. She’s learning and experiencing. Absorbing what it is to be a puppy here on dog’s green earth.

So these are our baby steps, so to speak. New experiences to go into the developing canine neurons to be checked off as Yep, done that. What’s next?

And we can build on this. From the backyard to formal puppy classes to full days in the office. Then later to other public venues for the socialization she’ll need as she prepares for a career as an assistance dog.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here, right? Holly is merely a tender ten weeks old. Today we’re keeping things to the Simple and Safe.

Say, like downspouts.

And natural treasures of the grassy ilk.

Pondering the mysteries of a tunnel.

And breaking bread with new friends.

Pearson and Holly, both puppies with Canine
Companions for Independence.

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