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Red, white, blue and yeller dogs

Sorry no, actually we can’t dial down the good looks.

Got me some gorgeous dogs, I do. Natural good looks that just love the camera.  And oh so well-behaved for their Fourth of July photo shoot.

Naw, just kidding. They’re goobers, the lot of them. With no puppy wranglers at hand this morning, it was just me, the dogs, and a handful of dog cookies. To capture the two portraits above, I now have a memory card filled with blurred images and doggie misdeeds.

Stuff like the obligatory bandanna removal shot.

And the terrier forgoing the Sit Stay because I was taking way too long to hand out that dog cookie. See ya losers! says Jager.

You know how dogs twist their heads hard enough to slap their ears? whap whap whap. We call that little phenomena head farts.

Most favorite word in the whole world?


And Bodine the cat wants you to know that it is indeed possible for a feline to rock the awesome with a patriotic bandanna as well. 

He suggests you put on your shades so as to not get too sunblind with the blazing cat handsomeness.

And he invites Yaxley to stick that tongue out just . . . one . . . more . . .time.

What!? This was Jager’s funky bandanna?, cries Bodine.  Phew! I thought the drain had backed up again. Oh My Dog, get this flippin’ thing OFF OF ME!

Bodine employs the Claw of Death to neutralize the thing.

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  1. That's hysterical, Donna! Love it. Thanks.


  2. Thanks Leigh Anne! This furry crew makes me laugh, I'm glad I can share their nonsense here.



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