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Infographic on dogs in the workplace

An interesting infographic from  I’m lovin’ my pet friendly workplace at P&G Petcare, complete with a dog park just steps away from my cubefarm.   

It's a dog's life: Can a pooch increase job satisfaction?
Courtesy of: MBA Programs

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  1. Those are some really cool statistics! I want to work at one of those places if I can bring in my dog 😀


  2. Great statistics! I also love to take my puppy to office, I enjoyed with my puppy when I have leisure. These is great re-creation for me…


  3. I've been bringing my dogs into the office for several years, even before I was puppy raising for CCI. It's a benefit that I would certainly miss if/when I change jobs. On the rare days that I don't have one of the dogs with me, co-workers are disappointed to find that it's only me here.


  4. Most of the stats up there I like as well. It would be nice if more than 23% of people surveyed thought they should be able to bring their pet into the office. But maybe the naysayers are the same folk that don't bother with obedience training.



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