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Wordless Wednesday: Happy campers

Camping adventures in chocolatey Hershey, Pennsylvania in Autumn 2011.  There’s a new world to discover outside that RV screen door, but Micron is satisfied for now with getting a snootful of fresh cocoa-scented air.

While we’re on the topic, Jager the Hyperhound would like to make a public service announcement at this time.  He reminds his canine peers to Just Say No to chocolate goodness. A rather toxic substance for dogs and something to take serious if you find your pooch has, for example, crossed impossible barriers to get to the fancy chocolate box hidden in the kitchen.

Wasn’t as tasty coming back, Jager says.

It’s no fun getting your stomach pumped, Jager says. Especially when the vet tech strongly encourages you give up your fudgy treasure in the front yard of the clinic in sight of all passersby. Can’t a guy mantain a little dignity? he wonders. Maybe if you hold my ears so they don’t get sullied, Ms. Vet Tech.

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  1. what torture for us dogs to be able to smell chocolate but not eat it!!

    ♥ yuki and rocket


  2. Ah, a good point that. I think I'll go add a disclaimer about the toxicity of chocolatey goodness for our canine pals.


  3. Love the black and white pics! Dublin had an incident with chocolate too. Good advice to just say no to chocloate.


  4. Thanks, Colby. Yeah, Jager got into the good stuff, too. A lesson to never underestimate the cleverness of the terrier gene as we were sure we had it out of reach. The vet tech said a cherry came up too. Ah, the chocolate covered cherry I was saving for special.



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