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Micron and the campus life

Micron, October 2010

On May 13 Micron returned to the North Central Regional campus of Canine Companions for Independence to begin his advanced training as an assistance dog.

Our work as volunteer puppy raisers was officially done on that day.  We did everything we could during our eighteen months with Micron to prepare him for the next step on his journey. A happy puppyhood that was focused on socialization and encouraging excellent manners.

So it’s very cool that CCI provides monthly progress reports to the puppy raisers during the six months of advanced training. Hey, we know this isn’t our dog and never was. But darn it all, we fell in love with his handsome mug and want to know that he’s doing well at dog college.

Micron prepares for campus life by visiting
Bowling Green State University

And he is.  Micron’s CCI trainer tells us that he has moved right into his new digs and having a great time getting to know the other dogs in training.

The first month in advanced training is focused on acclimating the dog into their new environment and reinforcing the commands taught by the puppy raiser. Micron’s enthusiasm for life is getting him into a bit of trouble and it seems he may need to learn a little self-control.  Yeah, Micron is a people lover.  He greets everyone with his attitude of “Everybody loves me!  You will too!”

So let’s keep our fingers crossed for his continued success in advanced training. One month down and five more to go.

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  1. Go Micron!! I love getting the advanced training reports!


  2. I really enjoy reading your blog posts. Your photos are great too. It is nice to see what others are doing with there photography skills. I think we go back about four years?


  3. Thanks so much, Lynn. I'm so glad you're sharing your photos on your blog. It seems like a better showcase for your art than FB. Thinking that, yeah, we go back about three or four years, when we connected at a photography site. It's been fun to get to know you over this time.



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