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The newest Golden Child: Introducing Yaxley

I’ve mentioned before, this philosophy of veteran CCI puppy raisers, that after you’ve got three dogs in the house, it doesn’t matter how many you bring in after that. Ever always on the alert on how many dogs I can get in here and still be married, I have now brought in Number Three.

The little lord Yaxley is our third puppy to raise for Canine Companions for Independence. He is also the third dog leaving hair on my carpet here, along with CCI pup Micron and our family dog, Jager. We do have a cat too, but as I haven’t seen her since the first CCI puppy, I don’t really count her. I fill up her food bowl every day, though, so I know she’s still here somewhere. Or we have some well-fed mice that leave cat sized nuggets in the litter box.

We welcomed Yaxley to our home this past Friday evening. He flew in from California that morning, made it to CCI’s North Central Regional Center for a quick check and a bath, then a two-hour car ride back to our place.

So how did he handle this life changing day? He walks into the kitchen, says wassup to the other dogs and then asks, what’s for dinner?

I’m thinking we’ve got a confident little guy here.
More updates and photos to come over the next few months. For a start, how about some flying puppy shots?

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  1. welcome, Yaxley! He's SO cute! I like the name! I'm raising Dembre and you're raising Yaxley… the names don't get much stranger! Congrats on #3!!!

    Elijah & Dembre
    P.S. Marco turned in this month. Is Micron turning-in in May?


  2. That's a cute pup, great pictures too! We are closing in on a year with Ansel, time sure does fly by.


  3. Elijah, yep we're on the countdown to May 13. Micron will be ready, but me, not so much. These last couple of months are going so fast.



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