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A little bromance for Valentine’s Day

Holy cow, but these two dogs are best of friends. I was trying to think of the word for when two guys like each other a lot, but the relationship is completely platonic. 
Ah yes, bromance. 
Micron and Karsen really enjoy each other’s company. And personal space.
I love ya, man

As a puppy raiser, I consider these play dates as very helpful in the training process. Of course, we expect these dogs to follow the basics whether the training cape is on or not. Playing with other CCI pups encourages good play behaviors and we can reward their appropriate interactions. 

These two have grown up together at our office. When the leash is on and the cape on their backs, they can pass each other in the hallway with just a wink and a nod. But when the capes are off and the Release command spoken, then it’s Tag! You’re It!

Two good dogs.

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