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The need for speed

Micron looks like he’s working some complex problem in his head, finally gonna solve that pesky world economy thing. Those deep, soulful eyes; the wrinkled brow. What’s really going through his fuzzy noggin?
Gotta run why do I have to sit here why won’t she let me run there’s snow and I gotta run. Pretty much stuff like that.
Fair enough; it can’t be all work and no running in the snow. Let’s take the cape off and give the release command.  And let ‘er rip through the backyard.
I call this next shot: G-force. Feeling the need for speed, Micron has the wind whipping through his hair and is running so fast his lips are pulled back from the sheer force of it all.  If it were warmer out, he’d have a moth or something stuck in his teeth.

For a fun comparison, here’s the blog post on his first snow day ever in December 2009: Snow Day

Reminds me of why it’s a bad idea to smile when on a motorcycle

Now this guy understands the difference between work and play. Yeah, most of the time.

So we’re walking along the sidewalk to our favorite lunchtime diner, Micron at my side in perfect heel position. La la la, I think, just walking along. Maybe I’ll get the ham and cheese omelette today, when Micron dives front end into the snow. With his butt in the air and his plume tail as a flag, he’s playing like he’s a Bob the Builder Snow Plow. Just chugging right through the snow with his snout and actually leaving a wake behind him. 

While I’m mortified and wrestling him back to heel, my lunch partners are laughing at it all. Yeah sure, it was about the funniest thing I’ve seen him do.  And a puppy raiser lesson learned. Don’t forget to keep your  attention on the dog. You can think about omelettes later.

And anyway, I got the cheeseburger special.

You know what, Food Lady?
I don’t think Bob the Builder even has snow plows.

All American Mutts can love the snow, too.
Now there’s a snow plow nose.

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  1. Micron is such a handsome dog!



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