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Loving Autumn

Do you love autumn as much as I do? Refusing to start the furnace just yet in these cooler temps, we did start up the fireplace in the evening. Even without the wood smoke, the air even smells different this time of year.

If you’re on Pinterest, I’ve started two boards to capture the essence of this season of fire and color. Give us a click and repin anything that may speak to you.

Loving Autumn on Pinterest.

The spirit of Halloween on Pinterest.

And of course there are dogs there, too.  Canine photos pinned among the falling leaves and smiling pumpkins.

Look closely and you might even catch a glimpse of the elusive Banana Dog.

Wordless Wednesday: Pin the bubbles

Darn you, Pinterest. You and all your stinkin’ adorable puppy photos to find and pin. Which I do. Like a crazy woman.

And what I intended as inspiration for a photo shoot instead resulted in, well, the usual.

You see, there’s this check-your-glucose-level-first shot of a lab puppy eating a soap bubble. I wavered my smartphone in front of my Favorite Kid’s nose and said, perhaps a little too loudly, we’re gonna do this!

We don’t have a puppy, says the kid.

No matter, I say. We’ll use Micron.

So while the neighbors peek from their blinds to see what the glorified heck we’re up to again,
the kid vigorously blows soap bubbles at Micron whilst I crouch on the brown-ish grass with the Canon.

Be adorable! I coach the mighty Micron. Try to eat the bubbles!

Does he? No, no he doesn’t.

He flinches.

The dog is dodging these benign creatures as if they’re mini UFO’s filled with an alien bacteria strain. The same dog that never turns down an opportunity to test the mouth feel of a new object.

Oh, but I’m not discouraged. This is just a test run, y’all.

We’ve got a whole bottle of Gazillion Bubbles on the kitchen counter awaiting the green grass of an Ohio spring.


BP_Wordless_wed_Hop_Logo_2014And [squee!] a puppy showing up soon.

Dog Hair is a Condiment

I’ve never been the kind of girl to shy away from a bad decision. Or use her discretionary time to do useful tasks like keeping a spotless house or, let’s be honest here, even putting out an effort to clear the crap from the dining room table so we can eat like real people do and I need the family to stop yapping at me about this because I will do it. But not right now.

I’m busy here.

No, instead I’ve decided to look at pretty things on Pinterest. I really tried to hold back from finding yet another thing that will keep me from developing healthy relationships. I did. It was all  for naught, because in the end I just couldn’t resist the Siren’s song of Pinterest.

You too? Anyone? Hello?

So anyway, I got me a board, Dog Hair is a Condiment, designed to share my love of all things Dog. I’m pinning new stuff as I’m so inspired.

I’m out there pinning puppy photos so sweet it’ll burst your head into sugar cubes. And healthy homemade dog biscuit recipes when my basic knowledge of dog nutrition is in agreement with the ingredients. Some links to Canine Companions for Independence news.  And sure, some of my favorite photos from my own furry household.

Check it out. Enjoy. And Pin away, my friends.

Follow Donna Sword’s board Dog hair is a condiment on Pinterest.

I have several other boards as well, ranging from cute to useful to that’s kinda weird Donna. Feel free to follow any and all that speak to your tastes, y’all.

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