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Creating barriers with fake service dogs

In a world of chaos, it’s no accident of fate that this humble blogger like to keep her writing all sunshine and rainbows, with the occasional unicorn reference. However, I didn’t actually mean to just write about myself in the third person in that first sentence. How geeky is that, anyway?

But in some amazing twist of fate, I was asked to be a guest blogger on Beth Finke’s Safe & Sound blog.  I went all spouting off in a comment on one of her posts about how fake service dogs are creating barriers for those who truly use dogs as a means for independence. Yeah, that’s right. I can get passionate about a topic. And this particular one gets my hackles up, so to speak.

So I went outside my comfort zone and wrote up something that didn’t make me laugh at my own lame jokes.

I got serious, y’all.

I am flattered to have been invited to share my thoughts on Beth Finke’s prestigious blog. She’s pretty much a big deal and all.  Beth’s About page tells us:

NPR commentator Beth Finke is an award-winning author, teacher and journalist. She also happens to be blind.  Beth’s memoir, Long Time, No See was named one of the Chicago Tribune’s favorite non-fiction books for 2003 and made the Book Sense 76 Top Ten list of university press books. Her children’s book about Seeing Eye dogs — Hanni and Beth: Safe & Sound– was published by Blue Marlin Publications in October, 2007 and won an ASPCA Henry Bergh Childrens Book Award in 2008.

But you know what else is uber cool about this guest writing gig? It’s generating some conversation. Comments are coming in from polarized viewpoints. You don’t see this stuff with sunshine and rainbow posts.

Honestly, I don’t know how Beth does it. I don’t have the stamina to think that deeply for very long. To agree or disagree and stand by my choices, post after post. She’s pretty darn amazing and I’m honored to now have this connection with her world.

Do check out my ponderous pontification and profundity at And now, a word from a puppy raiser.  It’s not a very long post, my brain was ready to leak before I was done. But absolutely read the comments to get an idea of the passion folk have about the topic of fake and under-trained service dogs.

If so moved, drop a comment yourself.  Beth reads every response, I promise you that.

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