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Wordless Wednesday: Clean slate

Welp, back to repurposing the buckeye stump as our weekly birthday photo prop. I had to have The Husband take the chain saw to it to give us a clean slate, so to speak.  Funny thing that the chalkboard markers don’t wash off the tree stump. Didn’t say anything about that on the package.

And there’s some sort of post-apocalyptic vibe about this photo. Do you feel it too?

Holly’s ruffled fur and the rustic, damaged backdrop beg for a back story. Her intensely focused eyes have that hungry I could eat that look.  True that, as there be a dog cookie suspended nearby to hold her attention, as witnessed by the reflection in her deep brown orbs.

Speaking of, did you know that, if left to their own resources, a dog would eat sawdust?

It’s my daily fiber, says Micron.

Spit it out, says I.

Want to see a comparison for these weekly photos?  Give this link a click to Watch Holly Grow to see the past posts.

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  1. Dogs will eat anything. When I had dogs, they would try to eat dead squirrels lying by the side of the road, and of course they eat their own…leavings. Holly is a beautiful dog!


  2. I never put it past a dog that they wouldn't eat anything in sight.


  3. Hi Cara, a Happy WW to you! Thanks for stopping by the dog blog. And yep, I've fingerswiped some gag-worthy prizes from a puppy maw more than a couple of times. I suspect Labs might have some goat in their DNA ancestry.


  4. My dogs live in the moment. If Micron manages to get in the cat food, he'll be miserably gassy the rest of the day. Still worth it, he says. Then there's the cat box, too. And the bathroom trash with its tissue treasures. All our trash cans have lids, but it doesn't matter. But sawdust? What is so palatable about fresh sawdust to the dogs? That one baffles me.



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