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Wordless Wednesday: Holly & Hoagy

Photo courtesy of Chris Kittredge Photography

We interrupt your afternoon with a puppy moment. I’ll just pause here to allow you time to soak up the yellow puppy vibes.

Nice, isn’t it?

On the admiring viewer’s left is Miss Holly, coming soon to the Heart of America. Ohio, people.

You know, O! H! …

Don’t leave me hanging here …

I! O! 

Right. And the other chunk o’goodness is Hoagy.

Two puppies from Canine Companions for Independence’s  Hero “H” Litter.  These adorable furries have just reached their seven week birthday. Want more photos to keep that good puppy vibe going? No prob. Simply click this link: The Hero Litter – Week 7 Pictures

And a by the way for all you H Litter fans.  Be sure to Like our Raising a Super Dog fan page on Facebook to keep updated on Miss Holly.  If the last few weeks of watching this rather ornery girl on the Eukanuba Puppy Cam gives us any indication, we can count on some adventures together.

Just a few days, folks.  And I can’t wait.

Raising a Super Dog

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