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Wordless Wednesday: Hero Litter at Two Weeks

Photo by Chris Kittredge Photography

The Canine Companions for Independence Hero Litter is two weeks old and have we got some ridiculously adorable photos to share with y’all.

Click here to see the Week Two photo session as presented to us by Chris Kittredge Photography.  Oh, but be sure you have the spare minute. Just a guess here, but you find yourself rolling through the album a couple of times to absorb all the essence of this sweet puppy goodness.

Now that the Hero puppies have hit their two week milestone, this means we only have another six weeks to watch them on the Eukanuba Puppy Cam livestream.

Things are going to start moving quickly now, you know. Eyes are opening, muscles are forming and the furries will be up on their feet and romping out in the way that carefree puppies do.

Wanna watch seven puppies will grow up right before your eyes? Link:

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  1. Puppy photos are the best! The 2 – 3 week phase is such fun as they start getting a little more adventurous and start to interact more with each other.


  2. Is there anything cuter?


  3. Pup pictures would be the greatest! The two — 3 7 days stage is actually this kind of enjoyable because they begin obtaining a bit more daring and begin in order to work together much more with one another.

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