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Wordless Wednesday: Link to Puppy Cam Livestream

Goodnight, fwends

Remember back when …

If you were hanging with us in the autumn of 2012, you may recall that one magic evening when the tiny Miss Euka offered up a goodnight wave to her new fan base.

This was as we were intently watching the Eukanuba Puppy Cam that was livestreaming the ferocious acts of derring do of Euka and her E littermates. The E’s were merely wee pups learning about life with their breeder caretaker.

Euka and her E littermates at dinnertime.
That’s our girl on the bed savoring a kibble of her own.

So y’all, wanna do this again? Our fresh new followers, are you ready for some puppy awesomeness?

Well, I’m in anyway. Oh, but of course I am.

For the next eight weeks, Eukanuba is hosting a livestream of Canine Companions for Independence‘s Hero Litter. Tiny pups with a big destiny, these furries have just shown up to rock our world.

Here they are, people. Introducing the Hero Litter, courtesy of mama Taya and dad Zorba. And half-siblings to our Miss Euka, too, so there’s that for a bonus.

Taya and her Hero Litter, born March 18, 2014
 (Photo courtesy of Eukanuba)

Check out the livestream of these kids on the Eukanuba Puppy Cam at from noon to midnight EST. Seven days a week for the next eight weeks.

Plus two other ways to keep up with the Heros.

Eukanuba’s Facebook Page at

Canine Companions for Independence’s Facebook Page at

And don’t blink twice, y’all. They’ll be grown up before you know it.

Just like Euka [sniffle]

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  1. What adorable babies! *SQUEEEEE*


  2. Hi Flea, squeee indeed. I'm hoping to be able to still get some work done over these eight weeks. My saving grace is that the puppy cam is only on for twelve hours day, lol.



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