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Wordless Wednesday: ch…ch…Changes

So you longtime readers, our fierce and loyal supporters, you may have noticed.

A bit of a face lift of for the dog blog this week. A nip and tuck job.

Oh, just some little housekeeping things to clean up the look. I’m adding a jump link to “read more” for those longer articles. And we tidied up the side columns to shorten the load of the home page.  

But you know, I’m rather excited to debut the new logo. Lookit, I’m not a fancy girl who needs fancy things. We know that already, right?  Still, I’m more than a little jazzed to have come across a cartoonist, Tony at TBToons*, who created an image of a little super pup in training for me. 

What’s not different though? In spite of the occasional request, we have no interest in ads or product placements. This, people, is blogging in its purest state. Just stories and photos for all to enjoy as we do what we can to raise awareness of working dogs.

I invite you to feel free, when so inspired, to share our stories with friends and family. The more we stretch out, the wider this message of the magic of the human-animal bond is spread out. 

*Tony is on Etsy at TBToons where he’ll create a digital pet portrait for you from a photograph. Super affordable and quality stuff.  Give his shop a look; you might just be pretty darn impressed. I sure was. 

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