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Wordless Wednesday: California Blonde Calendar Girl

Miss March (with sister Ella). And because there’s too much
Euka to handle, she doubles as Miss December.
Just don’t tell her.  I’m already dealing with the ‘tude.

Got a match?, she asks her friend. 

Not since Marilyn Monroe died, the friend answers.


We pause here just a moment and await the groans to subside.

I’d apologize for the poor taste except for two things.

It’s not my joke. It’s not like I can make up stuff like that on my own.

And I did snort-laugh the first time I heard it.

And, um … there’s something else.

I have to share this with you. Ok, not that it bothers me, but the Husband got a Marilyn Monroe calendar for Christmas. From his brother. A different brother received a Sunsets calendar.


I’m not sure how to process this information.

But I will say this. The Man Cave concept is starting to look a little more real at our place.

Because I’m not gonna start my mornings with Marilyn’s perky face on my kitchen wall.

And yeah, there’s yet another thing.

I already have a calendar for the kitchen wall.

Every morning as I pad my way to the coffee maker, my sleep bleary eyes will come to rest upon puppy goodness.

2015 will be my calendar year, vows
 Cap’n Windy.
Yeah, good luck with that, says Euka,
tossing her blonde ears back.

Because I scored me a 2014 Limited Edition Puppy Calendar from Canine Companions for Independence and Eukanuba.

But unlike my Cap’n Windy winnings, no need to be jealous, y’all.
It’s ridiculously easy to get one of these way too cool calendars starring the extraordinary E litter for your own.

A gift of $25 to Canine Companions for Independence will net you one of these limited editions. And because CCI is a non-profit, your donation is tax deductible.

Just click on this link for the 2014 Limited Edition Puppy Calendar to be included with us beautiful people.  I feel prettier already just telling you about it.

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