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Rising to the (Kibble) Challenge

Such a great response to the Kibble Name Photo Challenge, y’all.  I am just wondersmacked by these dogs and their handlers. So much so, that I have two things to tell you.

  1. I had the original and mildly grandiose notion to just post a few clever photos here. Click, click, done.  But was blown completely out of the water after receiving these fifty-some submissions representing more than one hundred awesome dogs. What a wonderful problem. So how do I get these out to the world without having a photo laden blog page that takes ten minutes to load?  In a flash of something I think was inspiration, I made you a photo gallery thingy. You’re welcome. I just hope it works.

    and . . .

  2. I can say with confidence, that I missed somebody or something somewhere. Simply let me know. Really. Easy peasy to fix and repost.  Just pop me a note to

One more thing. You’ll note some abbreviations in use.  Let me offer up a quick little glossary to help you along as you view the photo captions.

AT:  Advanced Training program
COC: Change of Career Dog (released from the training program and adopted as a pet)
FD:  CCI Facility Dog
HD:  CCI Hearing Dog
PIP: CCI Puppy in Program
PR:  CCI volunteer Puppy Raiser
SC:  CCI Skilled Companion Dog
SD:  CCI Service Dog
Photo Gallery by

TIP: Pass your mouse over the top right corner of the photo gallery to see the navigation buttons and options for full screen view and slide show.

What’s that you say?  You want more? Oh, we got ya more. Facebook, dog blogs and even a recently published book written from the viewpoint of CCI puppies. Enjoy! 

We’re on Facebook because dogs can’t read Dogbook

Bright, SD (Help on Four Legs)

Dog Blogs

A Novel Pup (Karen & Novel PIP)
Endless Pawsibilities, Adventures of a Pacific Northwest puppy raiser (Cassie & Helaine PIP)
Jeb’s Dog Blog (Marianne & Jeb PIP)
Help on Four Legs (Alex & Bright, SD)
Raising a Super Dog (Donna & Euka II, PIP)
Redwood Musings (Constance & Renelle HD)
Still I Can’t Be Silent (Natalie & Cassius SD)
Paws for Independence (Ellie & Haddie (at AT) & Kolby (PIP)
Paws to Hear (Leslie & Nettie HD)
Pooch Smooches (Jackie & Rita, a rescued dog)


Let the Dogs Speak, by Marianne McKiernan

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  1. Fantastic!! You are awesome ~ thanks for showcasing the awe of Puppy Raising!


  2. I loved and was entertained by ALL of the pictures. I am once again reminded how amazing our dogs are! Thanks so much for including Nettie in your group. You did a great job with the photo gallery!!! Perfection…


  3. Great photos! Thanks for the fun challenge and thanks for including my girl Rita in the slide show! 🙂


  4. Great, fun photos, Donna — thank you for posting. Enjoying seeing so many dogs participating 🙂 Kit Stookey/Jessies_Mom


  5. What a way to showcase our CCI PIT and SD! Thanks Donna for posting!!


  6. LaRue II was blessed to be nominated as a Hearing Dog Hero through the Humane Association National Hero Dog Awards for 2013. There are eight categories and wonderful dogs to vote for!

    LaRue is blessed as she is working to share information about assistance dogs (not just hearing dogs!) and hearing loss. So we opted to do a kibble vote request. And wanted to share – LaRue II is no better than other dog – but she is very blessed to represent Canine Companions for Independence and provide daily tidbits about hearing loss…priceless.


  7. We cherished as well as had been amused through All the photos. I'm once more reminded exactly how incredible the canines tend to be! Many thanks a lot with regard to such as Nettie inside your team. A person do an excellent work using the picture gallery!!! Excellence…

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