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Euka thanks you for your fashion advice

I’m ready to clean up and look
real purty now, says Euka

A few days ago on an earlier blog post, we asked admirers of the lovely Euka what her next look should be, collar-wise.  With the links we provided to WooferWear Dog Collars* on Etsy, you all shared your favorites with us.

We had thirty six votes for twenty different designs, all clever looks and somehow all perfect for Euka as well. And with each new suggestion, I was looking at some of the designs with fresh eyes. Of course! I’d cry. Why didn’t I notice this one before? Making it obvious that I can’t possibly be left on my own to decide.

But some choices rose to the top of the list, making the most popular design among you an easy thing.

Kind of.

You see, recall that Nancee at WooferWear makes these collars by hand, right?  Using top quality materials she stitches these with care and love to post on her Etsy catalogue. So when you hit the site, what you see is what you can get.  When a collar is purchased, it could possibly be the only one available. Such is the way with artists and their work.

And the hands down most popular look for Miss Euka was the Darling Dahlia design.  I’d show you what this looks like, but well, it’s not available right now.  Of course, we’ll check with Nancee to see if she has this design in her creation queue to make again sometime soon.  In the meantime, let’s move onto the other top picks.

Hoot Owls
Hoot Owls by WooferWear

Behind the Darling Dahlia design, we had a tie among Hoot Owls and Peace Out, with Colorful Blooms and Got Bones right behind.

Another fine suggestion we had was to consider purchasing at least two collars for Euka. By at least two, I mean some folk said to get one each of the hundred plus designs. But two? I like that thought.  One for everyday and another for nice. A show collar, so to speak.  One that is always clean and professional that we could snap on for looking fine at presentations and such. I’m good with that.

So yeah, two. Good idea, people. And here’s something that makes that concept even more palatable. You know I wouldn’t take Euka out of the house without her CCI ID tag, so how to swap collars without getting out the pliers to reattach her tag bling every time?

Tag Collars
Tag collar by WooferWear

Here’s how. WooferWear also makes a handy tag collar. That is, a collar for tags to go on the dog collar. We bought this clever accessory with Micron’s collar well over a year ago and the thing is hanging tough. Just a matter of a quick buckle release to remove his bling when the collar needs a clean up. Easy peasy.

That’s great, you say. Sounds like you got things covered. But it feels a little like a diversion, too. Have you actually told us yet what designs you’re getting for Euka?

Peace Out Dog Collar
Peace Out by WooferWear

Oh yeah. That.  Ok, so here’s my plan. Let’s run with the assumption that the demand for Darling Dahlias can be met. If we can check that one off, then Hoot Owls (photo above) will be the second design, with those snappy little pink owls on a brown background. Otherwise, I think, we can move on to Peace Out, a fresh look in bright colors. Nancee can put this design on a pink webbing to get this all girly for us.

How’s that sound to y’all?  Thanks to everyone for your fashion advice. Because I couldn’t have done this on my own.


You know how that one time you looked down and noticed you actually had two different color of shoes on?  One navy blue pump and the other was black? You know how it was just that one time? Lucky.

Right. So Euka sends her eternal thanks for guiding me along in selecting her next fashionable look.  She has an image to protect, she says, being kind of a big deal and all. And she can’t trust someone who wears knee high hose with sandals.


*From WooferWear’s Shop Announcement

Every dog deserves a stylish look! Come browse these custom dog collars for your favorite dog. Each collar is handmade from strong, durable materials. A percentage of all proceeds benefits Canine Companions for Independence, an organization that provides assistance dogs to people with disabilities free of charge (


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  1. I love both of your choices! And now after drooling over the amazing collars on WooferWear, I am thinking Dante could use a new one…


  2. We need these pups looking sharp, don't we? Good luck choosing just one, lol.



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