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Euka O’doggie

May the road rise to meet ya and
 your bowl be full o’kibble, says Euka.

Sam’s coming over today, says My Favorite Kid on his obligatory weekend phone call to his mama, And I’m making shepherd’s pie and boxty for her tonight.  I don’t think I can handle making the soda bread so I had to buy that from the bakery.  So what are you guys going to do for a St. Patty’s dinner?

You know you’re German, right? I said. On both sides. If there’s any Irish in your heritage, it’s a closely held family secret, mein kinder.

Ma, he says. Everybody’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. You know that.

He speaks the truth, my smart kid. And so to honor this bit o’the green that lives in all of us this fine holiday, we bring you the best I can manage this afternoon. 

Photos of the dogs wearing head boppers.

What’d ya expect from me? I come from a German heritage. And hillbilly. A long line of hillbilly. Sorry ’bout your luck on that stellar lineage, kid.

Good grief, is that a come hither look or what?
Kiss me, says Euka. What’s the Irish word for tart?

Micron wants to know to say
 I don’t wanna play this game in Gaelic.

And of course limericks written by dogs is a must for this best o’times holiday.  From Dogster Micron wants to share his favorite.  He dedicates this ditty to his friend, Mere and her little toesies.

There once was a Boxer named Pete,
Who had an obsession with feet;
And when he sniffed toes,
He dove in with his nose,
‘Cause nothing ever smelled quite as sweet.

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  1. Woof! Woof! Very CUTE: Sending Golden Kisses. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar


  2. 🙂 We're all Irish one day a year – I usually make corned beef and cabbage. Not this year. Even though I do have a good bit of Irish blood, the other lineage up and revolted on the one day a year by Irish heritage gets to come out and play. We moved furniture and ate a hobo's dinner.


  3. Can't wait to see her in an Easter bonnet!!! Melody



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