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Wordless Wednesday: Hero sammich

Heroes for a young pup. Euka is a hero sandwich, so to speak.

When I grow up, says Euka II, I want a pink nose just like yours.

Of course you do, says Jarvis. And you will. It’s the trademark of a CCI dog. Pay attention to your lessons and do what your puppy raiser tells you.  Then maybe some day you can be a pink-nosed Facility Dog, too.

Euka nods her head and puts on her serious face. She’s watching her two new friends, Jarvis and Nanook, copycatting everything they’re doing this afternoon. Which is pretty much laying quietly during the CCI graduation. The two older dogs are wonderful role models for our ornery puppy.

Euka has met working dogs Nanook and Jarvis. And I loved watching her watch them. Nanook is a Facility Dog with his handler, Cynthia, at Michael’s House Child Advocacy Center and Jarvis works with Margie at Triangle Therapy Services.  Both are focused on working with children.  Awesome stuff.

More on what Canine Companions for Independence Facility Dogs can do is at CCI’s website: CCI Facility Dogs.

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  1. Yummy! That's a handsome hero sammy!



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