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Wordless Wednesday: Master of the Hunt, Part II

I’m half German Shepherd and half bad ass.
That’s right, I’m 100% Booyah, baby.

On last Story Sunday, Master of the Hunt, we presented a challenge to identify any one of the breeds that you think makes up this funny lookin’ All American blend that is Jager.

From the comments left on the post and on the Raising a Super Dog Facebook Page feed we have:

fox terrier (2)
cattle dog (2)
border collie
Shetland sheepdog
Labrador retriever
Brittany spaniel
German shorthaired pointer

All fine guesses and the only thing I would add would be squirrel or raccoon and maybe a little bit of Kowakian monkey-lizard*.  The best part is that there’s nobody that can prove us wrong. So we can’t deny Jager’s claim to his German heritage. There might indeed be some rottweiler condensed into that little body.

My thoughts? Considering his early diagnosis of dermatomyositis, a congenital condition that is seen in collies and Shetland sheepdogs, there’s a solid chance of Sheltie in there. And I can see it around his ruff, so that’s easy to believe.  Then there’s the liver colored schnozzel pad and the orange spots that marks a Brittany spaniel.

But good grief, that attitude of his. Freaky and predictably unpredictable. Hyper alert to the unusual, like the neighbors getting home and closing their car door. Yapyapyapyapyapyap, says Jager.

All appearances aside, the dog has some terrier in there. It has to be true. All packed into his funky little head. You might say there’s inside that fuzzy exterior, there’s a terrier wanting to get out. Real bad, too.

Which does explain why he answers to the name of That’s Enuf Jager! Quiet, big guy.

*Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi (1983) and About Jager

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  1. Funny, the first thing that came to mind was Corgi…can't believe no one else saw that…you could just tell everyone he's a rare breed…a German Jagerhund…who could say no?


  2. I love the idea of designing our own exotic breed! We're asked so often “what kind of dog is that” we could indeed simply say he's a German Jagerhund. Each one unique in their own freaky way.



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