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Wordless Wednesday: River beauty

Euka II poses by the swollen Great Miami River at one of our spectacular metro parks. All that snow that had dumped upon us had melted, then because it’s January in Ohio, it rained. A lot.  We’re near Englewood Dam, one of the five dams built after the Great Dayton Flood of 1913.

I wasn’t trying to get all moody with the black & white. The river was a sewer poop brown and was distracting to the beauty that Euka was exuding from her lovely self.

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  1. That is a beautiful photo. Truly.


  2. Donna, I look at your websites daily to see what Ms. Euka is up to and have grown to love her so much. At what age will she get spayed? Does CCI micro-chip them? She is absolutely precious. We are praying for our “phone call” daily…maybe for the May graduation.. we'll see. Have a good week. Melody



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