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Wordless Wednesday: Like Cub Scouts tanked on Mountain Dew

Well, we tried to get y’all a photo of the Ohio Four together.  And yeah, we kinda did too. But not the image I had inside my head to create.

I’m ok with this, though. Eight week old puppies are going to make a ridiculously adorable photo shoot no matter what they’re up to. Here we have the action packed shots of Ella, Everett, Emma and Euka II from the Canine Companions for Independence E Litter.

We start with the countdown with four puppy wranglers. Ok, so 1. . .2 . . .3! Step aside!

Ella is first to bail out. Something amazing has captured Euka’s attention; she’s on the far right.

And on Emma’s heels is Everett. Euka is still laser-eyed onto something.

 A kicky dance step by Emma shifts Euka’s attention to the exodus of her peers.

Emma says  Hey! Wait for me, you guys!

And not content to jump step off the bench like the others, Emma attempts a full over-achiever style leap. Meanwhile, Euka is left to man the fort, the only thing holding her back is a pink leash and the knowledge that she now owns title to this piece of prime real estate.

I was told later that the best way to get the pups together and calm is to catch them right as they’re waking from a nap.  When they’re still in that sleepy huh? mode.

Not being aware of this photography advice, we went the polar opposite and tried to wear them out with a session of Play Date Extreme. So, what we ended up with were four very, very jazzed up puppies with the attention span of a goldfish.

That would be three seconds, you see.

Sure, there’ll be more opportunities for the Ohio Four. And we’ll capture all that adorable stuff and get ’em right here for ya.

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  1. Makes you wonder if the people who shoot all those puppy calendars use super glue on their paws, huh?


  2. Omigoodness. Your last comments made me laugh so hard. 🙂


  3. Or Benadryl. Which would be wrong, of course. That's for the kids on long car rides. Ha ha,just kidding. Kind of.

    Photographers of puppy calendars must have the patience of saints.


  4. Hey Flea, so glad I could make you smile today. Thanks for stopping by for WW.



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