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So, asks Micron, when’s this new puppy thing getting here anyway?

Really, Micron? I’m so glad you’re showing interest now, I said. I thought you were rather lukewarm on this puppy situation. What changed your mind?

Seriously, says Micron  
When *is* that puppy gonna show up?

Because you’re obviously getting low on blog fodder. As I raise the camera again to focus, Micron knocks the Christmas head boppers off with a left paw and begins chewing on them. I’m tired of you telling me to [chomp chew] do something “interesting” so you can write about it. I’m not a trained seal, you know. To add emphasis to this point, he drops heavily to the ground making a flump sound.

Of course you’re not, I say. You’re a highly trained, um, family pet. Ok big guy, I admit I’ve been putting  a lot pressure on you over these past few weeks while we await Euka II in all her adorableness. . . .

I’m adorable, says Micron.

Right, I say. You are indeed my snickerdoodle.  All 85 pounds of you are nuthin but sugary sweetness. Ah, except when you get wet, then we’re dealing with more of a mushroom soup sensory experience.

Yep, I’m like a cinnamon and sugar-coated, wait . . . what? Mushroom soup? I do not smell like mushroom soup, says Micron. Well, maybe.  But that’s food so that’s good too, right?

Sure it is, my love. I say.  Look, let me give you a break this week. I’ve been talking with the family of one of your littermates, Madden. They tell me he’s now certified in Pet Therapy just like you are.  But with a different organization than Miami Valley Pet Therapy, since Madden lives on the East Coast.

I remember my brother Madden, says Micron. A squint as he tries to picture him.  He’s a great guy and all but he’s kinda, well, different.

I think the word you really mean is “unique”, I correct him. Until your M litter came around I never saw a brindled Lab/golden coat before. He is the most striking dog I think I’ve ever seen.

[cough] says Micron. A tiny jingle bell rolls from his mouth.

Oh! Ok, let me be specific here. I attempt to clarify. Madden is the most striking brindle-coated Lab/golden cross that I have ever seen. Obviously the good looks run with wild abandon throughout the M litter.

Well, says Micron, tossing his head, it’s not like we have a switch so we can just turn off The Handsome or something, you know. It’s on all the time. 

Oh, I know. I say, rolling my eyes at him. Anyway, here’s Madden’s story as shared by his family, David and Regina. It seems you two handsome boys have more in common that just being a couple of irresistible chick magnets. The waters run deep here.

I’m thirsty, says Micron.

[sigh] I say.

Madden, in all his gorgeous glory.  I see the family resemblance, says Micron.

Madden – from the most beautiful litter in CCI history. Some of us were lucky enough to raise one of these sweet M’s. We had high hopes for Madden before turning him back to CCI for advanced training. But Madden decided it was not the life for him, so he came back to join us as a pet.

But we sensed he really did want a job to do . . . just not be a service dog. So we joined Creature Comfort Pet Therapy which a fellow CCI puppy raiser Joan Baer created with Annie Murphy. Madden and I have been doing pet therapy and he just gets better and better each visit. Though not effusive, he just nestles into people and lets them know he is there for them.

He brings such joy. He has truly found his niche in life. Good boy Maddaroo.

-David & Regina

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  1. It is good when people let the dogs guide what their job is in this life. Beautiful M dogs both of them:) Lee and Phod


  2. Yep, I totally agree with you. These guys know where they're going to shine. It's our job to try to make it happen for them. With Micron, this change of career is a perfect match for who he is.

    Thanks for stopping by this fine Sunday morning, Lee & Phod.


  3. Oh my. What a beaut. I'm going to go out on a limb, though, and say that Micron is more handsome.
    Pop over to my blog and vote for a treat?



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