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Character development

Everett hunkered down in the bed awaiting his prey . Ima panther 
in a tree, says Everett. And I’m gonna pounce you.
(screen shot from the Eukanuba Puppy Channel)

Join me in wishing the Canine Companions for Independence E litter a very happy five week birthday, won’t you?  It seems these critters have grown in a flash, from little hamster-like buns into for-real puppies with personalities.  So five weeks old means just another three until the pups go out to their puppies raisers.

Eukanuba Puppy Channel voyeurs like myself no longer need to look at the collar color to identify the pups. Which one is throwing his head back in a yowl? Well, that would be the rather vocal Elmo. Hey! I got something important to tell you, says Elmo. Listen up, guys.

The pup army crawling for a sneak attack complete with an adorable puppy pounce onto a littermate? Yep, that’s Everett. 

How ’bout the born leader of them all? Proving the birth order theory of first born having strong leadership skills, we have Emma.

The E’s were introduced into a new sensory environment this week and we can all watch as they discover their new digs, thanks to Eukanuba’s livestream. Here we all can watch as the furries have the room to spread out and show their true character. Oh, see the red slide in the photo? They’ll chug their stubby little legs up that thing and go down head first to the other side. Or butt first. Either way, it makes me say d’awww out loud. And under the slide is a blanket that all eight critters love to sleep on. At the same time. It looks like a tribble factory when they stuff themselves under there.

In the next screen shot, we see the E’s at dinner time. These pups get weighed by the breeder caretaker to ensure each little chubster is getting their fill and growing appropriately. The weights were shared this week by Eukanuba:

Emma (Red) – 7lbs 9 oz
Everett (Blue) – 7 lbs 10 oz
Ella (Purple) – 7 lbs 3 oz
Elmo (Neon Green) – 7 lbs
Euka II (Neon Pink) – 7 lbs
Ethan (Light Pink) – 7 lbs 6 oz
Emily (Brown) – 6 lbs
Eliza (Turquoise) – 7 lbs

So yeah, some healthy growing pups, right?  So I shouldn’t have any concern about Euka II and her seemingly delicate appetite. While her sibs are tucking into their kibble, she’s grazing. Grabbing a kibble here and there. Pick up a mouthful, then off to play with a coveted toy. Another visit to the kibble bar and she’s on the bed to enjoy the complex flavors.

Euka II takes over the bed during dinner hour. She’s noshing
upon a mouthful of kibble here.
(screen shot from the Eukanuba Puppy Channel)

What does this mean? I dunno, we can all speculate and guess and whatever, but really the chick is only five weeks old. But I’d like to say she has problem solving skills. Euka knows while everyone else is distracted, she now has the entire wealth of the playground to herself. Or maybe it’s simply that her littermates smell funny to her and that messes with her appetite.

Aw, but no matter. Just look at the weights again. Euka is right in line with her sibs. Well yeah, expect for Mt. Everett*, the chunky monkey of the litter.  Gotcha covered, Euka, says Everett. I’ll make sure you’re share of the kibble is eaten. Taking one for the team here.

But it’s important to be sure on these things, right? These are important puppies with that whole assistance dog destiny thing looming ahead. So we sent in an expert after dinnertime to get a second opinion.

She’s full, cap’n, says Ethan.

Photo courtesy of Chris Kittredge Photography

*I cannot take credit for this nickname, even though I really want to. Ella’s puppy raiser came up with this moniker for the chubster.

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