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The Mighty Micron Matures

I saw your pup today when I was at the center, Donna, said a fellow puppy raiser.  He’s a moose!

And that was nearly my first impression of the mighty Micron. My first inkling that this yeller feller was gonna be a big guy?  Well, there’s his baby photo from the breeeder caretaker. Micron is six weeks old here.

You’ll be relieved to know he did
actually grow a neck.

The moosiest puppy in his litter of nine. The biggest fluffball of all was tagged with the moniker of Micron.  Irony, anyone?

So anyway, the big guy is three years old today. In this short time, Micron has gone from ridiculously adorable to ruggedly handsome. From assistance dog in training to beloved pet to certified therapy dog. 

Micron’s birthday cookie for his office party

His side job is to offer his therapy services as post meeting detoxifier dog.  Folk come from all around the office complex to bask in his calm presence for a few.

He’s building a rep, too.  If you crave canine interaction, it’s best to catch him before lunchtime. If you just want to pet on a sleeping dog, that would be after 1:00 or so. The dog only has so much work ethic, now.

And sure, he still reminds me every day why he didn’t make it as a service dog. And yet, he’s developing a bit of maturity as he starts his third year.  Micron doesn’t always pull me across the office when he sees a favorite friend bearing dog treats. There are times now when he holds back on his impulsive behavior and considers some self-control. If your friend jumped off a cliff, would you too?, is not really the question to ask of Micron. Because you realize, don’t you, that he’s the theoretical friend in the question.

So yeah, he’s maturing nicely. And making me proud. When a team of VIP’s showed up for his office birthday, he didn’t jump on even one of them. Or trip them or wrap his leash around some ankles or bark or anything.

It was a good idea to have the party in the afternoon, I guess.

And that maturity?  It may actually be laziness, I suppose. But either way, he’s a great office dog.

Happy birthday, big guy.  I love you dearly, Micron.

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  1. And, he's so easy to love! What a sweet, beautiful boy.


  2. Awww, what a sweetie. And thank you for the reminder that impulse control isn't only about training but also about maturity. I needed to read this today.

    It's very tough to teach a lover not to pull his way up to every friendly face. 🙂


  3. Micron is a big sweetie. And a big goober. I feel blessed to have this silly, happy dog in our family.


  4. Hi, I'm Micron! he says. Everybody loves me! You will too.

    That golden personality doesn't understand anything else. When people note that he's such a calm dog, I try to hold back that really, it's just that he's tired.



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