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How many buns in the oven?

Photo courtesy Canine Companions for Independence and Eukanuba

Puppies, they are a’cookin.  Taya shows us her upcoming E litter for Canine Companions for Independence. How many do you see in there?

However many, each of these tiny images will be born in the world with the destiny of being someone’s miracle. Assistance dogs in the making, rather literally.

Does anyone else think this is completely and totally awesome?

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  1. That is incredibly awesome!!! I am completely weird though and at the top of the photo near the curve of Taya's spine there is a black and white speck that appears to me the side view of a dog with a smile on its face (two eyes, nose, smile and maybe even an ear). I wish I could circle it in red so maybe someone else could see it too. I guess that means, those dogs are going to brings lots of smiles to many people 🙂

    Being that I'm no master in puppy ultra sounds I'm guessing 7 puppies and hopefully an Elvis for my favorite Aunt!


  2. Christen, I see the same little smile:) ….I think that I see 8 puppies!! So excited to see the new little bundles of fur.


  3. First of all, it's not weird to see things that aren't there. Well, unless it involves something with your mom. It's referred to as pareidolia. And I've now outed myself as a total geek for knowing that.

    I love the connection to making people smile. We do indeed want that for these pups and oh so much more.

    Elvis would be an excellent name for a service dog. I stand by that. I knew you'd have my back on that one.


  4. Hi Val, I've been up to ten levels of distraction these past couple of days. You know, the kind where you call the kid by the dog's name? So a side benefit to my delayed response has me congratulating you on your keen eye. Taya did indeed whelp eight adorable puppies. My latest blog posts have links to the livestream feed.



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