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Wordless Wednesday: Dear Mr. Bean

Check it out, y’all. I scored me some Labrador flip flops! Aren’t these totally cool! Are you as excited as I am?!

Naw, it’s ok. I’m jazzed enough for the lot of us. I found these in the L.L. Bean catalog and put them on the Must Have list.

Then I was thinking. Chocolate Labs are nice and all, being named after an essential food group. But how about some yellow Labradors, please? Perhaps on a . . . oh I don’t know . . . blue background?

Like the colors of Canine Companions for Independence?

I was so inspired by this amazing idea that I actually wrote to Mr. Bean’s company with my suggestion.  I received a response that same morning.

Dear Ms. Sword,
Thank you for contacting L.L.Bean.  Customer comments help us to improve L.L.Bean products and services. I have passed your suggestion on to our Corporate Office.
While our Product Developers are not able to reply personally to suggestions, they do incorporate comments from customers when developing or improving products. The reputation of L.L.Bean products is largely the result of our listening to our customers over the years.
I also want to mention that our Web site at now allows customers to also rate our products. Our product pages let shoppers “Write a Review”.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions, we are available 24 hours a day either by email, live chat or phone.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend Ms. Sword.
Stacey S.
L.L.Bean Customer Service
It’s lovely that the product developers may pay attention to this amazing design request. But I’m only one voice in the wind.  Fellow CCI supporters . . . do drop Mr. Bean a note if you want to help inspire the flip flop designer people.
And yes, I know Leon Bean has been gone for about fifty years or so. But his adventurous spirit lives on, right?

Click here for the path to the Labrador flip flops.  More designs available. But they’re just stupid flowers and stuff. Not dogs.


Addendum June 2013

The Summer of 2012 has come and gone. And as we find ourselves here in June of  ’13 getting a second season out of those rockin’ Labrador flip flops.  Regrettably, L.L. Bean answered the call of other consumers this year. No yellow Labradors nor the lovely black version of this awesome breed.  Instead the designers came up with pointers on a pink background. 

Sure, pointers are great dogs. But not the canines of my chosen lifestyle. [sigh]. Holding out for next summer.

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  1. A worthy endeavor – I will be happy to assist! What about Black labs, too? Equal Opportunity and all?


  2. Yep, Black Labs too! Maybe on a royal blue background? Ooh, on a watermelon pink background! Not CCI colors, but that would be kinda summery and all.


  3. I have black lab flip flops from LL Bean They are black labs with a red background.

    I will totally send them out an e-mail!


  4. YES! I too have the Black Lab/ Red ones -mine are from Lands End I think from a few seasons ago. I SO wish they would have yellow lab flip flops. And I love the blue/yellow idea!


  5. I too wrote and suggested black labs on yellow, yellow labs on royal blue, and reddish Goldens on yellow or royal blue backgrounds. I also suggested that they consider a partnership with CCI, since many of us buy their other products (dog beds, leashes, rugs, etc). We are a large number of dog raisers/owners with lots of disposable income to spend on our CCI dogs [hint! hint!]
    Love your pedi, too!


  6. Thanks Stacey! It's for the greater good and all. We need more labby flip flops in the world.


  7. I must have missed seeing the black lab sandals when they were out, darn it.


  8. Ah, a good point you have. We have power in our numbers and we do need high quality (and durable) pet products. The blue & yellow theme would draw some more customers in, I would agree.

    Thanks for noticing the pedi. That is “paint my moji-toes red.” And a double thanks for not making mention of those “where's my sunglasses – your white legs are blinding me” calves. Hey, pale is the new healthy isn't it?



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